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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blog Love

For some reason, I find this quote intensely motivating. I have it pinned to my vision board. But sometimes it just doesn't FEEL like I have enough hours in the day to do it all.

I'm beyond swamped at work, have been traveling my face off lately and have picked up evening activities (volleyball league, counseling, ect) like I think I'm some kind of superhero or something. So. Pardon me as I take a get-my-life-back-together blogging sabbatical. I'll try to post sporadically (Clueless, anyone?) as time allows but I gotsta gotsta gotsta like... unload the dishwasher? And work out? And actually make eye contact with my boyfriend rather than keeping my eyes glued to my computer screen 16 hours a day?

I do have a post half-written about my Louis Vuitton experience this weekend. That'll be posted sometime this week. But that's all the commitment I can muster at this point in time. So, please go visit some of my favorite bloggers and enjoy their wonderfully addictive blogs. I'll be back sometime next week!

Young House Love - This particular post is SO exciting! I love not having to wait for their after pictures. This is my new most favorite blog ever in the whole world. It feeds my craving for wanting needing a house of my own.

The Jenna Marbles "What Are This" video - I mean... you're welcome. Go spend your life laughing at her videos.

MaskCARA - Want to learn how to contour your makeup? She's the queen of all makeup tutorials... I get lost in her blog for days. Good luck finding your way out.

Clean Eating for a Dirty Mind - Paleo versions of all your favorite sweets. I can speak from experience when I say the paleo Sunbutter cups were off the chain.

The Skinny Confidential - I'm not one to hate on other bloggers, but the way this girl writes could maybe rack a person's nerves? Okay, I'll say it, it racks MY nerves. The cutesy, valley girl writing kind of makes me roll my eyes. With that being said, I still, like, OMG, totes read it on the reg. Very good content and the interviews (where someone ELSE is doing most of the talking) are fun to read and take tips from.

Little Baby Garvin - And my new favorite girl-next-door blog! Sorry, Lacey, you just don't post regularly enough these days. I've found a new fake best friend blogger. :)

And if that doesn't keep you busy, go follow The Sorority Secrets on Pinterest and be prepared to hunker down for hours on end, repinning your brains out.


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