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Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Update - Wall Texturing Edition

My weekend looked like this:

And then like this:

I got the kitchen breakfast area textured! I finally mastered the art of the texturing. D joked that there was going to be so much joint compound on the walls from my failed attempts it'd pull the wall down. At least I thought that was a joke until I realized that's a real thing. That's why he bought me the UltraLightWeight Joint Compound. Hm.

I still have to make my way around the kitchen, but the breakfast area is DONE! Once I got the technique, it went really quickly. And messily. And there was wine and a playlist I made in September which has all the good jams the radio isn't playing anymore. And there was some twerking.

My tactic changed a couple times but finally I found the magic combination. Slather the joint compound straight from the GOD FORSAKEN plastic bag. I checked with D, who went to private Christian school growing up and it's not a sin to call something God forsaken. That bag just clings and makes a huge mess. Eventually I figured to scoop out a bunch in to a paint tray and only get your hands super messy once. ANYWAY, yes, slather on the joint compound with a putty knife. Not too thick but not so thin you can still see the wall through it. Pretty scientific, huh?

Then take a trowel (I used a plastic one that was $6 at Home Depot) and smack it against the wall a bunch to make peaks. The picture above shows me working my way from left to right making peaks.

Then let it dry! It's so tempting to not let it dry but give it like 15 minutes to set up a little. Then take your putty knife and run it lightly against the wall and knock down to tops of the peaks. I would make one pass from left to right then another from top to bottom to minimize streaks. BOOM. Texture. After it dries over night, take a sanding block and knock it down even more, until you get the desired look.

This is what mine ended up looking like! This was actually taken before I sanded it. I like it even better after I thought to sand down some of the rougher edges.

This is a picture of the hallway which was professionally textured (and has glossy paint). I got pretty dang close if I may say so myself!

I'm so tempted to paint the breakfast area now because I'm tired of texturing. But I wooooon't. I'll finish texturing around the kitchen and then the plan is to sand down the trim, paint it white, install board and batten and then paint the walls. Then we're DONE with the phase 1 kitchen reno! The next time I'm feeling froggy, it'll be staining the kitchen cabinets a darker color. The orange-y tint drives me nuts. But I'm going to need a reno break after this endeavor.

So yea, I textured basically right up to people showing up for the Super Bowl party. That was my entire weekend, broken up only by a couple shopping trips. Other than the whole Broncos choking in the Super Bowl part, the weekend was just perfect :)


  1. Oh my gosh that sounds horrible. And I thought painting was bad!



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