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Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Update

Happy Monday errrrbody! I couldn't be happier to be back at work today! Oh yes, you read that correctly. I believe I'm going to start working 7 days a week. Why, you ask? Because I cannot be trusted in my home.

D went to Lubbock Saturday to visit his mom and take her out for her birthday. I stayed in Midland and my mom and I went antique shopping and then out for a light lunch. Adorable, right? 

I bought this tea cart. It needs some love and paint but I see potential for a cool bar cart!

Well, at approximately 3pm, I was starving again. And since I had no one there to judge me, other than the dogs, I proceeded to spend the rest of the day eating jalapeno cheddar popcorn and milk chocolate. Not even DARK chocolate. I had some soup for dinner... and then more popcorn. Yikes. So I'm so happy to be locked in my office with only what I have stowed in my cabinet:

Cinnamon anyone? Apple cider vinegar?

I did, however, have a fairly productive weekend! After I watched the KUWTK where Kris decides she wants to be in the Broadway production of Chicago, I put on my DVD of Chicago and went to work! All That Jazz gets me movin'!

D told me he abhors the border in our bedroom the other day. I was under the impression his decor style was "Army Barracks Chic", so when he made a comment about the decor of our bedroom, I took it seriously. I spent over an hour using every method I could think of to get the border down and this is how far I got.

 I think maybe they stuck it on there while the paint was still wet? Or just used superglue. I'm not sure but it's not budging. :( So much for my cool girlfriend surprise. Any recommendations?!

After that failed attempt, I decided to stick with what brung me and get my hands dirty in the kitchen. I was not excited about it at all; I'm so over working on the kitchen. But once I actually started painting the trim, I freaked out. LIGHT! I see it! At the end of the tunnel! On Sunday, D was helping me after he got home and every time I started painting a new section of the orange-y 90s wood trim, I would sigh with relief! He was making fun of me for sounding sexy when I did it but it just was such a relief to be on our way to pretty, clean, white trim!

Sorry about the terrible lighting; those windows make it tough. This was what the kitchen looked like Saturday afternoon...

And this was Sunday night. WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! Just kidding. But it does look better!

I'm such a dumb dumb. I sanded the chair rails and was so excited to get painting, I painted all the chair rails before I looked up at the crown molding and was like, "Oh." I had forgotten to sand those. So after I went to town on the chair railing, door frames and window sill, I had to call it a night. I'll do crown molding tonight when the rest of the paint is nice and dry. Oh, and we're having to get new baseboards. The old ones started disintegrating  when I sanded them. I'm such a cheap-o that I was like, Nooooo I can save them!!! But, alas, they're in the dumpster.

I apologize for the most drawn out before and after of a project ever. I think real bloggers wait until a project is done for a big reveal... but if I don't show you these pictures, the only pictures of my weekend I have look like this: 

She likes to sleep on my shoulder like a parrot. 


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