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Thursday, January 30, 2014

He and I

So yesterday, at work, I went to check the lead time on some valves for one of my projects and found out that they had them on the ground at a local shop. Zero lead time. And it was the highlight of my week, hands down.

This is my life. This is why you don't want me blogging about daily life stuff.

When I got home, D was eager to hear the story of the zero lead time valves. And I think he high-fived me because he knew how pumped I was. Then we talked about relief valve sizing, and secondary containment, and construction managers and procurement. And then he told me about the HILARIOUS time he went out to his site after a pump was installed to find the contractors had attached a gate valve directly to the discharge flange of his pump and then a check valve, directly to the flange of the gate valve. And we laughed and laughed about how funny that was. And then I told the story of the four pumps with "redundant check valves" installed 4 inches apart. And we laughed and laughed.

He's outdoorsy and I'm indoorsy.
He's a motorhead and I am 200 miles overdue for an oil change.
He's comfortable living like a bachelor and I love shopping for art and furniture.
He collects guns and I've never fired one in my life.
He doesn't have an insta account and I have two.
He's a skeptic and I'm an optimist.
He is an only child and I have a super tight, HUGE family.
He doesn't follow ANY pop culture and I've had the Oscars on my calendar since November.
He's the type to make friends in the line at the grocery store and I shop with earbuds in.
He's meticulous and I'm efficient.
He loves beer and pizza and I'm 90% gluten-free (except when he orders pizza, and then I'm all like nom nom nom!)

However, we are both undeniably nerdy about our jobs. And as luck may have it, we have the SAME job (at different companies). Which is pretty dope since work is what we both do for 12 hours a day, it means we actually have a helluva lot in common. It really makes all the difference since we technically have very little else in common. We really connect when it comes to mechanical design, sports and our love for Yorkies. 

So yea. I can't really blog about what I do with 75% of my waking hours because it would bore you all to tears. But I can blog about how thankful I am that my boo and I totally get each other. 


  1. This is the cutest picture EVER! I want to frame it and say "aww" over and over again.



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