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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cheers to Forever

Boy howdy am I glad I wrote that heartfelt post on Friday. It would have been pretty embarrassing if I had blown off Valentine's Day. Why?

Because BOOM!

Yeaaaaaa buddy. Daryl proposed Friday night! I'm over the moon excited and say out loud, "oh my God, we're getting married" like once an hour.

It hasn't 100% sunk in, I don't think. Mostly because we decided to just be really excited for a couple weeks, enjoy, spread the good news and celebrate until March 1st. I'm still in the 'stare at my ring all day and all night' phase. The wedding planning phase comes after, I hear. We do not have any concept of what we want for a wedding so more details will come after we start doing some planning.

By popular demand: The story of the engagement

Well, throughout Valentine's Day, I sent D, like, a million Valentine's texts. My favorite was this one:

Hahahahahaha so cute right? 

I also liked this one a lot - D's FAVORITE karaoke song so it was too perfect.

Also this one!!! Hahahaha

And this one was a little creepy... but in a funny and romantic way, right? Riiight? hahahaha

So yea, we were texting all day. At THIS point in our texting conversation...

...Daryl walked in to my office in Seminole carrying a huge bouquet of flowers. HE WASN'T AT SUBWAY!!! At which point my heart completely stopped and I thought to myself, 'Really? Really, my office in Seminole? THIS is where he's going to propose?' but nay, my friends. He just wanted to hand deliver my flowers for Valentine's Day because "Delivery guys get all the glory".

So after work, I came home to him laying on the couch watching the Olympics. I had my guard up all afternoon after the romantic, surprise 1pm flower deliver so when I saw he was just chilling, I relaxed, kicked my shoes off and curled up next to him for a few minutes. Then I asked if we could exchange presents now! I was excited to give him my gift!

I also got him a tactical bag to carry to the range when he goes! I mean, when you compare it to him proposing, it's ultra lame... but I was really excited to give it to him. I knew he'd be excited.

After he unwrapped his gift, He handed me mine. I thought maybe it would be Season 3 of Game of Thrones on DVD? Like that was the size of the box. Inside, however, were boarding passes for a weekend getaway to Dallas! I had a 3 day weekend (President's Day) and I thought we had zero plans. We would be flying out the following morning and he had everything handled. Rental car, hotel, dog-sitter... he even casually did the laundry throughout the week so my clothes would be clean! (Who am I kidding, he always does the laundry, I wasn't suspicious at all).

And, honestly, as I was reading the boarding pass, I thought to myself "This is it. He's totally proposing on this trip!" and as I looked up, he was getting down on one knee, right in front of me. I hadn't seen it coming at all and I'm sure my jaw just hit the ground. And he choked up, welled up with tears and kind of coughed "Arica, will you marry me?" to which I said.... nothing!

Haha it's true! I forgot to say yes! I fell down on my knees and hugged him and I think I was saying "ohmyGodohmyGodohmyGod" until I remembered to say "OH YES!"

After we both regained our composure, he gave me the ring. He then gave me the whole speech he had prepared that he was too nervous to say while he was down on one knee. Afterward, I hugged him and said the dorkiest thing possible. I said "We're a real wolf pack now!" WHAT?! That's a goofy thing D and I say when we talk about our family with the pups. We call ourselves The Wolf Pack. As soon as I said it, I said "oh my God, that was so dorky!" I was a mess! But I wasn't crying! I was just shaking and saying embarrassing things. I couldn't shut up.

It wasn't until 10 minutes later when he said something about me being his fiance and then he stopped and looked at me and smiled and said "oh wow, you aren't my girlfriend anymore!" that it REALLY hit me. And I just broke down and sobbed. HAPPY SOBBING! He was like, "Oh no no no! You'll always be my girlfriend!" but it was just in that moment that I realized things had changed 10 minutes ago. And we were going to get MARRIED. Mascara. Everywhere.

I pulled myself together and had to get ready because we had tickets to a play that night. I went to get dressed and he called his mom. After we were all ready, we went by my parent's house to show them (they already knew. He took my dad to lunch last week and then had to tell my mom when he asked her to watch the dogs). After which we swung by Starbucks to get a coffee cake (we weren't going to have time for dinner before the show now) and then off to see Mary Poppins! Casey and Ashley were at the show so I got to squeal and be excited with Ashley before the show and the four of us toasted and went and watched some Mary Poppins!

The next morning we packed up and headed to Dallas! We ate, ate, ate some more, did some shopping and then went to dinner with a bunch of friends in Dallas to share the good news and... eat. I wish I had some pictures of this weekend but you'll just have to experience the trip through the pictures I do have of this weekend:

Laying in bed before heading to the airport

Flying to Dallas

Oooo it makes sparkles

In the rental car waiting for D.

Oooo look, we ate Indian food!

Back to my ring (watching TV after eating too much Indian food)

Taking pictures of my ring in the hotel room after a morning of shopping while D relaxed before dinner.

On a tray I found in the hotel room (getting artsy... it wasn't great)

On the plane ride home on Monday!

At work on Tuesday

So yea! That's pretty much what our weekend looked like from my eyes! I couldn't take my eyes off the ring!

We haven't made a Facebook announcement because I really wanted the chance to tell as many people in person (or on the phone or via text) as possible. It's been a lot of fun! I agonized a little over not posting it... it's hard not to post it... but I didn't want Facebook to be a part of my engagement memories. I've told my coworkers now, and quite a few friends, and MY BLOGGIES. My mom and D's mom have spread the news to a good share of our families. So Facebook will happen eventually, but that's the reason why you didn't see it there first.

So there you have it! I'm engaged. I couldn't be happier he proposed in our home and I couldn't be happier he knew me well enough to know that's what I'd want. I'm really, really glad we had the whole weekend, too. The moment of him proposing was a total blur and so fast. I couldn't be happier that we drug it out for 3 days. We got a chance to talk about our future, talk about our past. All weekend I kept gasping and saying things like "Oh my gosh, I can be on your insurance!" or "Oh my gosh, I need to practice signing 'Gonzales' now!" (yea, right, like I haven't been doing that since the day we started dating).

Forever? We're ready for ya! Let's do this!



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