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Friday, February 7, 2014

Dinking Around

My mom always told me not to "dink around" when I was younger (no typo). Like not to dilly dally, don't dink around. As in "come STRAIGHT home after your shift, don't dink around flirting with the boy that works in the projection booth". Whaaaaaat? He was kind of cute! I couldn't help myself. :)

Well, Mom, I've been totally, 100% DINKing around this week! A friend of D's referred to us as total DINKs a while back and we had never heard of it. It means "Double Income, No Kids" and it refers to the go-go-go early career folks.

I won't lie. It's downright glamorous at times. We have gone on some really fabulous vacations, we bought a house, we paid off our vehicles. We're lovin' it.

The downside (which is totally worth it, I realize) is that we're early career professionals. We work stupid hours. We get the crappy assignments at work. Not to mention we're still learning, so it takes us a ton longer to do everything than our more senior coworkers. We run ourselves completely ragged during the week, just trying not to screw anything up.

And then, in true DINK fashion, we make travel plans for probably 50% of our weekends. We're attending weddings, baby showers, birthday parties. You name it, we can't seem to find a reason NOT to go! Until Sunday evenings roll around and we see our piles of laundry and 45 work emails on our phones and wonder if it was worth it.

So, yea, as I was saying earlier, this week has been especially grueling fabulous DINK-tastic.

D worked late almost every single night this week. I haven't seen my lunch break since New Years Eve. We're teetering on insanity, or maybe just turning in to full-fledged zombies, and, honestly, we haven't really been that nice to each other all week.

How Ev Verrrrrrr..... on Monday, D and I booked our plane tickets to Germany for Oktoberfest!!! We're going to fly in to Munich to meet up with friends and then spend 3 days raising hell in the tents! After that, we're going to fly down to Brussels to spend some time with Mel and Andy, snuggling and trying to convince them to move back to the states, <3<3<3 and then we're going to take off for Zermatt, Switzerland to ski the Alps!!!

 Now, we had been saving up for it for a while, D tolerated the budget gestapo for the last 6 months (that'd be me) and I used a bunch of our credit card reward points to pay for 1/3 of the tickets... it's not like we were woke up one morning and decided, hey! Let's go to Germany this fall! But planning and preparing aside; what a blessing!! We're so excited and realize this is a very unique time in our lives that we'll be able to run off to Europe for a week every now and then.

So yea, it's FRIDAY! And when I look back on my week, I forget all about eating grilled cheese for dinner because we haven't been to a grocery store in an embarrassingly long time, the stress breakout I'm getting from my project load at work, or our suddenly depleted savings account. All I can remember is that WE'RE GOING TO EUROPE THIS FALL!!!! Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!!!

DINKs fo lyfe, sucker!

Jk, we totally want kids some day.

Also, sorry no pictures. Bad blogger.


  1. Yay for Germany!!! P.S- No kids. EVER. Hahahahaha!!!



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