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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I put myself on a Pinterest hiatus a while back. I just kept accruing more and more projects and not executing any of them. I thought I'd be more productive if I quit pinning but instead I just started Craigslisting like a nut. I logged in this morning, though, and realized... I don't need anything else! I got some kitchen chairs a couple nights ago off CL (I'll post about them later, gators), and really, I think I'm furnished!

Which brought me back to... I guess now I need to actually nest my home. The day before I quit Pinterest, I made a list of all the projects I really wanted to get done and swore I wouldn't get back on the Pin until I completed them (or most of them... or got shot down by D on most of them... which ever came first). I've been slowly working through the list but have a ton more to go!

But I thought it would be fun to share my list and then hopefully share the outcomes of the projects as I complete them! 

Now. A few years ago when I got started on this website, I would get so worked up when I saw someone else post on Facebook that they had completed one of the projects I loved before I got a chance to! I was so excited when 'Secret Boards' were released and I hoarded all my favorite ideas (and I still have a couple little darlings tucked away). So, sharing this list of my favorite DIY ideas makes me feel vulnerable. I'm trying to prepare myself because they're all really fabulous and other people may like them, too. I want to scream "DIBS!" but I realize that's the opposite of a blog, right? So here goes:

Make a wreath for the laundry room out of cloths pins (this is so dorky, I'm not even worried someone else will do it! I'd decorate the wreath a little differently but I think the idea is so sweet! )

Make a Texas glitter art (mine will probably have to have a few more hearts)

Make a blanket ladder Have D make me a blanket ladder

Make a clip board wall

Install wine shelves above the fridge (I'm actually half way there on this one!)

Restain the coffee table

Print/Frame travel photos

Make a bucket list destination art

Make a sheet music print (This one would be really hard but such a statement piece!)

Sew a table runner for the table behind the couch (I'm crazy about this tartan plaid)

Make booze-y shadow boxes (one for bottle caps, one for wine corks!)

Thumbprint art

And then I have some that don't really have a specific Pinterest image... just like a million Pinterest images that I'll reference:

Organize my pantries
Spray paint the fire place cover
Make a mantle box
Style the urns on the porch
Organize the Keurig area

Yay! I'm excited all over again to get rolling on these projects! Hopefully I can turn my walls from bland to homey and personalized! And this doesn't even include the project pieces of furniture I have sitting around the house (new tea cart, side table that needs stained, table behind the couch needs repainted... a ton of projects!) I'd say that each of these is a blog post prompt but that'd be a lie. I'll try to take some pictures of the process on the more intricate ones but "clip board wall" and "Texas glitter art" aren't exactly brain surgery.

Wish me luck and if anyone feels like getting crafty one weekend, hit me up! We'll DIY together!


  1. I have the glitter state pinned and have been wanting to do that! Along with a million other things....lets have a craft party!!



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