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Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday 5... er... 4!

I'm keeping it to 4 this week because, well, my life hasn't been that exciting lately (see #4)

1. It's almost Valentine's Day! No, I don't mean February 14th, but the day we bring our Valentine home! Tomorrow, K becomes a big brother and I can't handle my excitement. I've said it a million times but I can't imagine my heart being more full of love than it already is for K. When I have a human baby, my heart is going to just explode, I know it. It's going to get close if I love Valentine half as much as I love K.

2. THIS ARTICLE by a high school kid that got posted to The Huffington Post. She's a clever, kind girl and I'm super impressed by her. The Taylor Swift parts don't particularly resonate with me but she does nail how I feel about girls that describe themselves as "Guy's Girls". I've always immediately distrusted those girls and now I can put my finger on why: They are jelly haterz! Devaluing women, making them out to be silly and unworthy. Not based on each individual girl's behavior but based solely on gender. Not okay!

3. Is this not the most depressing stick figure family decal ever?? Haha I am completely evil but I laughed so hard when I saw this! It's a man in a wheelchair and a dog. It's like the one going around the internet of a woman and like 18 cats? Have you seen that one? I took this one myself. This person exists in Midland, TX. I also saw one the other day with a dad, 3 kids and an empty space next to the dad with an arrow pointing to the space that said "Position Available"! That one was actually pretty cute I thought. I never caught them at a red light to get a pic of it though.

4. I got a heater for my office. Yes. This is blog worthy in my world. It has improved the quality of my life. I hate winter and ambient temperatures <80 degrees which is 365 days a year in my office building. I typically sit with it like this, in my chair, warming my very core.

The other day I accidentally left it on over night and the cleaning crew shut my office door so the next morning when I walked in I actually coughed from the suffocating heat of my office. Then I smiled and snuggled in to my sauna office. I've had multiple vendors come in to give me pitches and about 15 minutes in their faces are red and they start sweating a little. Unexpected perk! Shorter sales pitches!

Have a great weekend, Bloggies! XO!


  1. I'm jealous! I think I need a bigger chair, ain't no way me and my heater are fitting in here together!



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