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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

iPhone Addicts Annoymous

If anyone was wondering how my weekend went, it went like this:

This is what Tavi calls "bitchface" in case anyone was wondering. It's something your significant other generally only captures. Maybe your sister. You don't make this face at everyone. It's usually when you're hungry and you've been on a road trip with your boyfriend's mom all weekend and it's Sunday and you want to go home and you didn't find anything good at the outlet malls and you're just over it.

But, luckily, sometimes even if your face is ugly, your hair still looks pretty fly from the wedding the evening before. Which was lovely and worth the road trip, I might add.

This week, as well as last week and the week before, work runneth over. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't have picked a better time to give up my Pinterest. I've really enjoyed having more free time; I think my boss approves of my increased productivity levels too! At work it's easier to stay focused when I'm not tempted to take a brain break and get lost in the Home Decor pages of Pinterest.

At home, however, I've been only marginally less sedentary. I've had to find other things to do while glued to the couch watching Game of Thrones like it's my job. The number 1 thing I've found has been napping. I've fallen asleep even earlier when I don't have my iPad keeping my eyes open.

When I'm not napping, I've been keeping myself busy with the paralyzing return of Candy Crush, the short 10 minutes of Lumosity each day, Facebook quizzes:

No surprises there...

Checking my Mint.com App 10 times daily, making grocery lists in the Notes App, Playing Harry Potter QuizUps like a boss:

I mean, duh. And also you spelled Wormwood wrong. And also I'm now a House Elf ranking.

Verifying nothing has changed on Facebook in the last 45.5 seconds, ditto with Insta, and learning some very critical phrases in Spanish on DuoLingo

So yea... iPhone addictions are tough to break. I may have to delete ALL fun apps off my phone. 

I did do one cool thing the other day! I did a coconut oil treatment on my hair. Since going lighter, I've been needing extra moisture and had heard good things about this stuff. Basically, I just sat on the couch (duh) with my jar of coconut oil and scooped some out with my fingers (in the solid state) and worked it in my hair in 2" pieces.

Basically exactly what my hair looked like through all of junior high. Greasy as heck. But it washed right out with one shampoo and my hair felt great after! Looked like I'd just gotten a haircut, too. 

I've heard tutorials where you melt the oil and pour it on your hair... but this seemed far less messy. I did blast it with the hair dryer on hot for a few minutes before my shower... dunno if that did anything.

Okay, gotta get back to Candy Crush now. Those Candy bombs aren't going to disarm themselves.

May your New Years Resolution success be greater than mine!




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