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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Insta-ntly Inspired

I love Instagram. It's so fun. It takes so little time. My skin instantly looks flawless with the Valencia filter. What's not to love?!

I don't look like this. This is what Insta thinks I look like. 
I mean, pores, where did you go? Hair, how did you get so shiny?!
Was I smelling something stinky when I took this picture in November? 


So I created a second account! I was inspired to do this by one of my insta friends who cross-posted from her second account. She and a group of friends had all created second accounts as a fitness support group! They all post pictures of healthy choices they make throughout the day, inspirational quotes, snack ideas, brag photos of how much water they've drank... yada yada yada. And then they all comment on each other's photos, encouraging and interacting.

If you're reading that paragraph and think it's the COOLEST IDEA EVER and you are a little jealous and you're counting on your fingers how few friends you have that are as narcissistic and obsessive as you that would do something awesome like that with you... well, 1) we're soulmates 2) take a moment to think about what a weird generation we live in that this is something we might consider a hobby and 3) you're wrong! Because I bet tons of your friends would think this is a great idea! I know I do!

I already followed a bunch of fitness celebrities and yoga instructors on my regular account because it's a total pick-me-up, right? And I'm guilty of snapping a picture of my salad to document for myself what a healthy badass I'm being. So I thought, why not create a separate account and post them! I love seeing other people posting about health and fitness but I'm starkly aware of the fact that not everyone wants to see a pic of every meal I eat. Enter: @Arica167

These are the only 3 things I've posted on it so far. 
But in my defense, they have very witty captions with them.

So, clearly I emailed my sister first. She's always up for fitness challenges and already thinks I'm a weirdy so it was very low risk to pitch this idea to her without fear of her thinking I'm a weirdy. Luckily, she didn't think I was a weirdy at all (no more so than before, at least). She was on board (I knew I could count on her).

But then I could only think of one other insta friend that would do it with me and that was Lori. Again, I have no fear of her judging me for being obsessive about food and exercise and again, she was like, duh, yes, I'm in.

And then I told D about it and he thought it sounded really cool! Which surprised me in a good way! When I asked if he wanted to do it, he was like, "oh hell no" but he's a boy and doesn't even have a regular insta account so he doesn't count. I told my mom and she was like, "YEA! That sounds great!" and slowly I gained the confidence to bring my idea to my other judgement-free zone. The blog.

So how 'bout it? Who out there wants to see pictures of my Subway salad every other day?! C'mon. That's pretty tempting, right?

Follow me! @Arica167 And if you create a fitness account, I'll follow you! And I'll shamelessly post my unflattering, sweaty workout selfies, my ideas for sneaky ways to burn calories, my carrots and hummus afternoon snack... and I'll constantly be looking for healthy things to do so you all think I'm healthy and then maybe I'll accidentally actually become healthy!!! It's genius!!!


  1. Don't you wish we could just walk around with Valencia colored contacts that way we all looked flawless?



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