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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gift Card Wish List

I totally skipped over the obligatory "Christmas Haul" post, not because I didn't get some perfect, thoughtful, heirloom-worthy gifts. But because my house is messy so the pictures I took were so not blog-worthy. Such is life.

However, being overwhelmingly grateful this holiday season has not stopped me from keeping an eye out on how I plan to spend my gift cards! Holidays sales, meet my wish list. Wish list, meet Holiday Sales. I hope you two get along swimmingly!

Warby Parker Chandlers
because allow me to rant about this, yet again. It is NOT FAIR that JUST BECAUSE I have perfect vision, I am excluded from an entire category of accessories! And sunglasses don't hurt your vision, so why should optometrist-approved, fancy, glare-proof vanity glasses be disallowed? WHY!?

Because D says so. He says it will ruin my vision. BALDERDASH, I say. So they're on my shopping list, right behind a note from my doctor proving Daryl wrong.

I want a tiny pair for my second holes. Yet again, D tried to ruin this by saying "won't that kind of draw attention away from your big, expensive ones?" but I say nay. The more diamonds in my ears, the better. Also, I'm just craving some diamonds in my life so maybe this will give me the quick fix I need :)

New brown boots
Pictured here are my current brown boots. They're killer. I've never seen anyone else with them ever (I got them at Anthropologie but they don't carry them anymore) and I get complimented on them every time I wear them. The guys at work LOVE them and always ask if they can touch them. Unfortunately, the cool braided saddle leather has started to tear. It's really soft and beautiful, and thus, fragile. After 2+ years of wearing them to death, they're starting to look ratty. Time to upgrade.

Pureology's 21 Benefits
I have heard rave reviews about this product. Tons of recommendations for color treated hair gals. Even Maskcara dedicated an entire post to gushing about how incredible it is. So I'm going to take a shot of tequila and fork over the dinero and let you guys know what I think. It's honestly not THAT expensive, but due to the fact that I survive pretty exclusively on Target's Up and Up brand products, this feels like a total YOLO purchase.

10.0.6 Be Pure mud mask
This one doesn't cost much dinero ($5.99) but again, I've heard some great reviews so while I'm at Ulta, I may as well pick it up and see if it's really the dupe for GlamGlow (although I won't be able to make the comparison because I sure ain't paying $60+ bucks for a tub o' mud mask). If this doesn't work miracles, I may be doing some research on Clarasonics.

I have successfully kept up with my favorite pair of Steve Madden aviators I got at TJ Maxx for at least 6 months. The tinting on them is flaking off on the edges though (I didn't say I PROTECTED THEM, I just didn't physically lose or crush them), so I feel like this means I'm mature enough to own some Raybans. I'm pretty sure these Raybans are what makes Posh Spice look so skinny. Yup. The sunglasses. So, yea, I need them.

Vince Camuto "Basics" cuff

Yes, I know it's a little weird... but I tried it on at Dillard's the other day and was utterly obsessed instantly. But it's so basic looking! I was like, NO WAY am I paying that kind of money for something so plain! But I can't stop thinking about it. I may have even drawn it on my arm in pen and considered getting a tattoo similar to it. So... I don't think I'd have any buyer's remorse if I invested in this one.


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