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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Copy Cat

I have been on a roll of doing some really bloggery stuff lately, you guys. Unfortunately, it's been because other creative ladies have created some great DIYs and I've followed their instructions and copied them. Much less blogtastic... but I thought I'd share the cool stuff I've done but cannot take any credit for!


inspired me to do a crappier version of my own! 

And this...

...showed me how to do this! It fell down a couple times throughout the day but otherwise I liked it!

I loosely followed one of these recipes...

...to make these.

Hold on to your hats for this one... 


Oh and also I saw this...

... and made this. I just wrapped it in yard for security and to make it look kind of nice? 

So for the record, I have not just been sitting around eating chocolate covered pomegranates and watching marathon episodes of Game of Thrones this holiday season *cough*...

I have been carefully copying other people's creative Pinterest and blog posts! So, yea, come on by the blog any time and check out the copy cat stuff I've been doing while planted in front of my TV at night!!!


  1. Your Juice looks pretty! And I love the hanger wrapped in yarn. Nice touch!



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