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Friday, December 14, 2012

Conference Room Crimes

Is there anything more frustrating than being trapped in a conference room with absolutely no control over the pace of the meeting? I do not think so. Neither does my sissy:

I was going to write about this when I saw the Always Sunny CharlieDayQuotes post because this is how I feel literally every time I'm in a classroom type setting of any kind. I describe the way I feel like this: I wish I could just roar. Like a lion. When someone is wasting my time, I get so internally strained that the only fitting way I could imagine expressing this emotion is with a lion's roar.

And it NEVER FAILS, in a classroom setting, there is that one person who has saved all of his witty comments, personal anecdotes, questions and theories to be shared with this captive audience and who seemingly has no concept of time. Like time stands still for this person. They are oblivious to the collective sigh that happens every his "well it's funny you mention that" interrupts the already agonizing nature of the captivity.

Like I said in the email to my sister, I know it's a generational thing. We're overstimulated so focusing on only one thing is difficult. We're used to instant gratification so methodical people wear on us and we're able to multitask and be productive ALL THE TIME so we find it disrespectful for someone to take up unnecessary amounts of our time. I'm not saying it's okay for us to be impatient, I'm just saying that's what I think. But please don't suggest I put my iPhone away for the day. I still love that little multitasking beast. 

I pinned this little "Stop the glorification of busy." affirmation a while back because I seriously need the reminder sometimes. The more I do, the more material I have for facebook or my blog, the more activities crammed in to my calendar, the better I feel. How backasswards is that?! An empty weekend on my calendar actually stresses me out. 

D can definitely attest to this. I won't go in to all the embarrassing times I've ended up crying on the guest room floor or overwhelmingly pissed due to feeling like I didn't have enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted/needed to do. It's a little personal demon of mine. 

But regardless of the actual unhealthy levels of impatient I personally can climb to, the point of this story is STILL that conference rooms/classrooms/any kind of captivity in which the pace is too slow sucks so hard. 

And stop sharing your nuggets of wisdom. 

Also, did you have your eyes close and your fingers in your ears when we reviewed the agenda? We are only on the first agenda item and you're trying to solve world peace? Look at the clock. Do the math. You are ruining this meeting. I hate you.

And on an unrelated note, also stop your little sidebar conversations. That's disrespectful. We're all bored but you don't see us all ignoring the instructor and whispering with our buddy. Did your mother raise you in a BARN!?!?

End rant.


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