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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Green Boogers

Home from work today with green boogers. Which everyone knows means sinus infection. Which everyone knows is miserable but not contagious.

Made out like a bandit on Christmas, as always. #spoiled

My Christmas Haul
1 - Dior Addict Lip Awakening Lip Gloss // 2 - hot glue gun // 3 - a bajillion new toys for K-dawg // 4: Italian crystal wine glasses // 5: Banana Republic long black fur vest // 6 The Michael Kors murdered out black on black on black watch I've been craving for, what, like, a year? // 7 Spiked black bracelet to go with my watch :) // 8 Just Dance 4 (because that's the one with Moves Like Jagger on it) // 9 A legit knife set so D and I don't have to saw everything with our old dorm knife sets // 10 A Keurig!!!! :D

This isn't everything I got but it's everything that had an icon on Polyvore. My daddy also got me a stun gun! and made me a beautiful cedar chest. Strange there isn't a polyvore icon for a stun gun... whatevs.

Yesterday I spent the day tearing down Christmas and reassembling regular life. It's a total relief. Like, Christmas? Check. Done. On to the next thing. The next thing is losing my winter coat, which came this year in the form of winter hot pants (gained it all in my booty, love handles and upper thighs). I have our cruise in March so I have a deadline, which is always best. I need a motivator.

I did a darling little DIY yesterday. And by "did", I mean directed D as he did it. He's better at spray paint.

I found some of those hard rubber animal toys in the dollar section of Target. Think something like this (I forgot to take a before picture):

Only slightly larger however about this intricate. nothing fancy.

I had some silver spray paint but it was running out so I settled for gold and I'm so very glad I settled. They turned out perfect. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

Spray paint all the animals!

I wanted a lion, a tiger and a bear for obvious reasons but the tiger, without it's stripes is rather indistinct. Decided on a giraffe instead.

Now they live on my bookshelf

They look metal and expensive. Hooray!

Now let's get hyped up for New Years. Go away, green boogers! Can't have champagne on antibiotics.


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