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Monday, December 10, 2012

Longest recount of my weekend ever.

Sorry my blog is so long. :D <<-- note added after writing the below novel

This is a picture of my niece. She is perfect. That is all.

I kinda sorta started my weekend last Thursday, other than the fact that I had to present my water conservation project to our VP.

Okay, so, Thursday, I wasn't super duper nervous during my presentation, I knew my stuffs and was excited to present. However, after my presentation (which went really, really awesome, btw! *excited-girly-squeal*), I went to lunch with some out-of-house subject matter experts and riiiiight before we (me and one of the EHS Managers from Houston) walk in to the restaurant, he informs me "now, we don't have a non-disclosure with these guys so don't tell them too much."

Now, I have common sense, despite what my family may tell you. And I am a pretty responsible chicka. HOWEVER, something like this takes WISDOM. Something you can't learn! I had no idea what I was and wasn't allowed to say! So, I sit down with this pair of experts and every time they ask me a question, "so, Arica, tell me about your cooling towers..." I gulp and stammer and look at my manager and he has to answer the question and I look like an IDIOT! Something I am NOT a fan of. So, of course I start panicking. Like, REAL panicking. I was sweaty and nauseous and wanted just run out of the restaurant. Or cry. It was miserable.

I'm pretty sure this reaction was due to the residual espresso and adrenaline in my system from the big, bad presentation I just gave but whatever. It sucked so bad. I mean, once the convo turned casual, I was fine, but ugh. I got back to the office after and felt like I needed a nap. Exhausting.

THANKFULLY, my Mel and I had plans that night and it was SUPER fun. We went to a Young Professionals happy hour my company was throwing all because I was in town (not really but that's what I pretended) and I got to see almost ALL my Houston best frands and drink wine and it was stupendous! 

And then, my Mel and I went to the Winter Wonderettes after. So, so fun and adorable. We were belly-laughing and singing and clapping the whole time. Loved it. It's in a tiny venue at Stages Repertory Theater and we were a bit skeptical, but we and the other middle-aged patrons had a blast!

Then off for a slumber party at my hotel where Mel and I ordered room service and watched Elf on ABC Family. While waiting for our room service, Mel was laying in bed and my dear, dear Mel made a comment that was so funny, I almost peed. She said "well, for such a nice hotel, that's a really OLD microwave" Yall. She thought the safe on the shelf by the TV was a microwave.

I took this pic while Mel tried to figure out why I was laughing my butt off and taking a picture of the "microwave." 
She figured it out. "oh my God, that's a safe, huh!?"

Don't worry, you guys. She's really, really pretty. She's gonna be just fine in this rough world. :)

Mel got smoked salmon bagel and I got cheesecake and we took a picture because we're geeks.

Isn't room service so exciting? Yes, yes it is. So exciting Mel ninja kicked our tray when crawling in to bed with me to eat. Her "accouterments" went flying. She scooped most of it up while laugh-yelling "it's still goooooood!" but her capers didn't quite make it.

Poor capers. My cheesecake went unscathed.

This blog is making Mel sound like a bumbling idiot and I'd like to clarify that she is not. She was just on a roll Thursday night.

Friday, I spent the day at the airport getting delayeddelayeddelayed. I was freaking out, thinking I wouldn't make it in time to babysit PK, but I got on a flight on standby. Hooray. I think I did pretty ding dang dong good babysitting for my first time! I fed, burped, rocked, changed diaper, played... the whole gamut. I don't want one yet due to the fact that Kanye makes me want trap him under a laundry basket and take a nap sometimes... but if I have one, I want one like PK!

Worth every second of airport purgatory. I just snuggled her all night!

Then, D and I finished off a stuffed-crust pizza, went to bed and laid there awake discussing the fact that we were in bed on a Friday night at 10:30 and how, in the olden days, our night hadn't even STARTED at 10:30. Then we got sad and vowed to get our party back on ASAP after the holidays. We also recently vowed to lose all the happy relationship weight we've put on... so I'm not sure how well those two vows go together...

Saturday, we got up and took K for his first walk, showered and went out to Cashley's new house! It's tres beautiful. We spent all day out there and had a gay old time. 

D got to tow his jeep out there and "tool around" because they live in the middle of nowhere and he was over the moon. #redneckfun #75degreedecember

I surfed the back of the jeep once and then immediately insisted on spending the rest of the day inside drinking white wine. #DirtInYourTeeth.

Aren't animals incredible? Cashley's dog is super energetic and loves to wrestle with Casey on the floor so taking K out there, I was nervous he'd get crushed under Gunner's big paws but Gunner instinctively knew to be gentle with K and they played together all day without incident! And Ashley's parents' big Boxer did the same! It was so fun to watch them!

Molly and Kanye playing.

Gunner and Kanye playing.

Ashley's mom puppy-sat while we went in to town for dinner and margs and then we went back out and the boys played Halo 4 and Ashley and I snuggled up with the pups in bed and watched movies fell asleep. It was a perfect Saturday.

Sunday, I took Kanye for his SECOND walk, which didn't go as great. The excitement was over and toward the end, he would just sit down and refuse to follow me. I had to carry him home. Then he did this.

Takes after his daddy. Passed out in his North Face with the remote.

D and I had an IHOP date (our favorite type of date) and then did some Christmas shopping. Went home for a shopping intermission and Kanye had SO much energy we didn't have the heart to crate him again to finish our shopping so Nonna to the rescue. Dropped him off, finished up shopping guilt-free, picked up some thank you root beer floats for the dog sitters and then took our main man home and hung out until dinner with MikeMo and his preggers wifey. D and I ordered drinks before they got there and then had to drink them with our ashamed faces while MikeMo ordered water to show solidarity with his wifey. #badfriends.

Then home for some ohmygod Homeland!!! It was so so so good and I had my ears covered out of fear for almost all of it but it was still SO GOOD! Every episode, there's SO MUCH plot development that it feels like the season finale. But then they come back the next Sunday and do it all over again. Love.

Now back to work. Today is the first day of Secret Santa week! Wish me luck. It doesn't look like I'll need luck with MY Santa, though. Her first gift was tres cute and personalized! I'm glad we did the surveys because she was spot on!

Sbux GC and sock monkey squeaky for Kanye! 
She kinda started off with a bang. 
I try to start off with my lamest gift and then get cooler each day. Maybe she's working backwards...


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