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Monday, December 17, 2012

1, 2, 3, 4

ahahaha look at that baby! Don'tcha just wanna zerbert those cheeks until the cows come home?!

Lazin' in the sunshine, chewin' on a bone, just waiting for daddy to get home from hunting because he's not a big dog like Gunner. He has to stay home with the lady folk.

Awwweee... baby Kanye! And pissed Bella. So sweeeeeet.

1. D's Christmas gift STILL hasn't arrived. I ordered it on November 8th. I considered ordering another one and paying the rush delivery and then just sending the original one back but now I'm leaning toward just waiting it out and giving him his smaller gifts on Christmas and then he'll have a Hanukkah style week 'o gifts!

2. omg is this not the crappiest santa you've ever seen? It's so crappy its hilarious. He kind of looked drunk. I paid $9 for a picture of K with the Petsmart Santa Paws in a rubber 5x7 Christmas frame. It's proudly displayed on the bookshelf now because it cracks me up. Because I'm a trusting American, I tried to introduce Kanye to the other pups in line to meet St. Nick. And do you know what the lab-mix owner in front of me told me? "You may want to keep him away from my dog. He's not used to small dogs and he really might bite him." WTH?!? Why doesn't he have a muzzle on?! WHY IS HE AT PETSMART?!?? I was super annoyed with him until the most precious little 9 year old girl with Down Syndrome started ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over K and I remembered what Christmas is about. She was SO CUTE and gentle and I just wanted to give Kanye to her! Then I was in the spirit so I tried to get a 4 year old in line to pet him but he just started crying and buried his face in his mom's butt. Can't win 'em all.

3. I need to get in shape before I go back to the gym. Anyone feel me on this? I just want to get over that really sweaty first stage of working out. When you lose like 5 pounds a week of just bloat and grease and self-loathing. And it's not all just narcissism. I had a trainer take interest in me a while back and set me up a workout program and diet plan (fo free!) It was super nice of him and a really thorough, effective program. And after 8 weeks of seeing really great results, I just... gave up. Quit going cold turkey. Chose whiskey and Mexican food over health and now here I sit, back at my top weight, pants uncomfortable, pissed. I can't go back to the gym and face him like this. Damn you, happy relationship weight!

4. So D and I have been discussing skipping town next Novermber. Skipping country. Using our Thanksgiving holiday break for an international adventure getaway. My stipulations were that I didn't want to go back to Europe and I wanted somewhere that spoke English... that pretty much leaves Australia/New Zealand, but luckily D was on board. I just don't want to put off traveling until we're old. So, while it's financially possible, before kids, I want to plan a really fantastic trip each year. I know we won't look back on it and regret it. I want to book this one right this second... but I'm going to wait for it to go on sale, duh.


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