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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photo Friday; Tuesday Remix

Har Har Har - Chelsea Lately Facebook posted this and it said "no joke required, they wrote it for us"

I <3 Room Service

Also <3 hotel robes! Oh, I'm fancy, huh?

The ornament they gave us at our Christmas party that we decided was a silver medal for Kanye. That poor dog.

Channeling my inner Katniss... and also, I never knew I had that freckle on the back of my ear!
Like just noticed it while posting this. Had to take a verification picture (below)

Freckle proof. Also, you can see the Katniss pic on my screen in front of me haha

I know it it's a scam. You know it's a scam. I still get excited and really struggle with not clicking that link.

D and I tried out the one Thai place in Midland (totally tolerable, thank goodness!) and on their takeout menu, they welcome you with a big, Thai "Sawasdee Kha!" Uhmm, that sure sounds like swastika.

Made monogram tags for my mama's stockings at her house. Not bad for my first professional job.

Someone posted this on Facebook which spawned a frantic search for a pic of Kanye West that resembles my Kanye.

Eh? Eh? See it?

I saw a guy on the airport shuttle holding printed out MapQuest instructions and like... studying them. And I thought, "endangered species sighting!" and was attempting to snap a sneaky picture of him. I made sure the sound was off so it didn't make that "Ka-Ch" sound the iPhone makes but I did not verify the flash was off. So this is the photo of my phone stuffed in my purse trying to hide the flash of the not so sneaky picture.

$50 yoga mat is so stupid. But I want it. And I rarely do yoga anymore. But I WANT IT.
Anyone else take pictures of everything they want to remember in a magazine they're reading? I do. And I forgot this copy of Self in the hotel in Houston so I'm sure glad I do.

Clockwise from top left: Article on what each type of mascara wand does, this is the one I want // adorable blurb on Kristen Bell's #30DayHomie challenge I want to do... 6 months after it was cool // a pair of sweet JCrew slippers I was considering for a Christmas present then changed my mind // a good article on taking envy/jealousy and making it healthy instead of toxic // Neutrogena's new makeup I think I need.


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