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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Twenty Six


I am not one of those girls that will coyly not make a big deal about her birthday. There is absolutely no chance D will ever forget it because I talk about it constantly for about a month prior. I told everyone I ran in to at work yesterday, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Do I look more capable and mature??"

So yea. I'm not shy about planning my own birthday events, either. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

So I decided that last weekend, we would celebrate my birthday in Lubbock (since we were going to be up there anyway for the football game on Thursday night (WHICH WE WON, Wreck 'em!)).

Here's how my Friday early-birthday celebration went:

  • Up early (much to D's chagrin; he stayed out late the night before catching up with an old frat brother while I went back to the hotel and got my required 8 hours) for breakfast at IHOP. I ate an omelette AND pancakes. YOLO. 
  • Texas Tech women's volleyball game.

Hahaha this makes me laugh for some reason. 
  • Met D's mom for lunch but since I YOLO'd at breakfast, I wasn't too hungry so D and I shared an order of fajitas. No mo YOLO.
  • Scheduled nap/watch TV in the hotel time. This is critical to me not having a meltdown mid-afternoon. Know thyself.

  • PUPPY TIME. I decided I wanted to spend the afternoon playing with the puppies at the local animal services shelter. We had a mild issue with the fact that I don't know East from West... which meant we drove across Lubbock... then BACK across Lubbock to exactly where we started. At which point we still couldn't locate the shelter because of the terrible directions they give on their website.But we DID end up finding it. Eventually.
  • The City of Lubbock Animal Shelter is SUPER nice and they just let you play and play and they aren't pushy or restrictive, which I appreciated after my last few encounters with adoption agencies. But none of the pups were quite right. We're going to try again next weekend.
  • Ice cream. Coldstone The Pie Who Loved Me is just... I die. It's the best.
The Pie who Loved Me
  • Made a stop at my favorite tattoo parlor to get my ear pierced but I apparently happened upon Sorority Girl Belly Button Piercing Happy Hour or something. And ain't nobody got time for that. So we left.
  • Hotel to get ready
  • Birthday dinner at the Funky Door! It was tres fun! They have wine sampling dispensers and Cashley and Lori and Andy were able to join us. We ate and drank and chatted and it was splendid. 
Birthday Booze!
The girls. There were boys there too... but they're less photogenic.
  • Bed. Because it's MY birthday and my idea of a good night is dinner with my closest friends and then sleep.  
Then we got up early on Saturday and headed back to Midland.

Saturday was spent watching mas football and doing Pinterest projects.
I'm usually not big on halloween decor. But this was fun to make!

Sunday, I planned a birthday breakfast with my familia at Cracker Barrel because breakfast is the best.
The seester.

The mama and the daddy. Don't I look so much like my dad in this picture?? And ch-ch-check out his Gandolf beard! It's coming along, eh?

And then, before I knew it, it was Monday and my ACTUAL birthday and time to go back to work because I'm a grown up and I took Friday off so I couldn't take Monday off.

And D SWEARS he didn't know the exact type of perfume I wear but was able to identify it in the store by smell. I mean... I'm skeptical but I'm going to go with it because that's very romantic if it's true.

Also, he got me yoga lessons at the studio I've been wanting to try! I'm WAY excited about that! 
Time to get ready for Wanderluuuust!!!

My birthday haul also included a kettlebell, jump rope and foam roller, a Hello Kitty thermos, the Luv AJ Studded bracelet I'd been eyeing, cast iron skillets, an 'A' initial necklace, and fancy tupperware for my salads for lunch! :D 

I'm a pretty lucky 26 year old. A BIG OLE THANKS to everyone who helped make it special! XO!


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