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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Watching - Football. All day every day. The new fall shows are slowly starting back up but I'm hesitant to get in to anything new. I'm patiently awaiting Homeland's return. Did anyone catch the lyrics in Jay-Z's new album about Officer Brody? Cracked me up. You're so gangsta, Jay-Z.

Eating - My green smoothies again. And I have a lesson learned to share. Just use the regular blender. Don't try to use the "smoothie" attachments so that it's already in the portable smoothie cup. Just use the big blender and pour it in your cup. It's WAY easier. Also, I've been using hemp protein and a little piece of me panicked about getting drug tested. But that's not how that works. Right??

Thinking about - A juice cleanse. I did the research (shocking, I know) and have settled on a BluePrint cleanse. But they're SO expensive. Like... buy your own juicer for the same price expensive. Should I just get a juicer? Would I really use a juicer that often? Maybe I just do a cleanse and see if I even like it? Ugh, white girl dilemmas.

Mad about - How slowly my hair is growing out. I mentioned Wenning a while back because Maskcara said that's what she uses to grow her hair out. I've also started taking Biotin. Like... I really want my long hair back. NEVER AGAIN. I always say that and then I do it again. BUT THIS TIME. I'm serious. I'm never hacking my hair off again. And as for a review on Wenning... It's weird. It's definitely taking some getting used to. It doesn't make my hair as greasy as I figured it would... and it feels nice and strong. And I can definitely tell it cuts down on frizzies. But I'm not 100% sold just yet with how expensive it is.

Reading - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Still. We only read on road trips... so it'll take a while.

Celebrating - Birthdays. My seester's was last month, then it was mine, then my dad's, then Kanye's, then Peyton's! I already ordered Peytonium's present! (It's a backpack. Don't tell her).

Isn't this just everything?! 

Craving - YOGA! Based on my Lori's recommendation, I started following a couple yoga pros on Insta and it makes me so excited to get started on my beginner's yoga series D got me for my birthday. My first class is Thursday and I'm SO excited. I mean, I can already do the splits when I'm drunk and someone says "I bet you can't do the splits". Before you know it, I'll be doing this!

Making me Happy - The Nutcracker - YOU GUYS. I'm going to be in my community ballet's production of The Nutcracker this winter!!! I had a friend post about auditions on fb and I commented about how I would absolutely audition... if I'd ever danced in my life. And she informed me that needed non-dancers to participate in the dinner scenes and play the roles of the parents of the children. At which point I realized I NEEDED to be in this show. D gave me exactly the reaction I was hoping when I told him. He GASPED and said "OH MY GOD. YOU HAVE TO DO IT! YOU WOULD LOVE THAT SO SO MUCH!!!" and I was like, I know, righhhht??? Because sometimes, when I wear Toms, I like to pretend they are ballet slippers and I dance around in a robotic ballet kind of way and sing the Nutcracker song and pretend to be a Nutcracker. Mostly in Sam's Club or airport baggage claims. You know... places with lots of space. ANYWAY! I got an email yesterday saying I was chosen to be in it. Costume fittings are in early October and then we start rehearsals shortly after and THEN! There's a PHOTO SHOOT for the program. This is all just too much. I'm so excited!

I mean... if you can't have normal friends, it's best to have ridiculous ones like her :)


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