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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Kanye!

My handsome man is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!! I can't believe he's ONLY one. I feel like he's been part of our lives forever. And also, those pooping in the hallway weeks felt like years all on their own :)

Kanye now weighs right at 9 pounds, he likes sleeping on the guest bed, marking trees and mailboxes, his dinosaur toy, playdates with Bella and Peyton, riding in the car (especially if the windows are down or we're in the Jeep), scavenging under Peyton's high chair, pork liver treats, and good morning snuggles.

He knows "Stay", "Lay Down" and "Roll Over"! Roll over is a new one. He also knows, "Ain't nothing back there for you" when we see him sneaking off to go sleep in the guest room, he turns around and comes back. He also knows "Where's your dino?", and "Outside". He does not know "Do you want to go?" "Let's go to Nonna's" "Let's go to Bella's" or anything along those lines. He just gives you a blank stare even though I say it every other morning. Can't win 'em all.

So here's a little photo montage of his 1 year with us. He's changed a lot!

The day he came home with us

Never met a stranger... even if she is 30 times as big as him.

Snow?! What are this?

Morning snuggles (he still hasn't outgrown those :))

Finally growing in to his head.


Still no strangers

Kanye, the teenage years

Best Friends Forever

Father Son bonding

He has a knack for licking you right in the eyeball/mouth/ear hole

Driver's License!

Outgrown his little crate!

His first football game!

And here are a couple comparison pics that I think really show how much he's grown, next to his two best friends, Peyton and Bella.

He and Peyton now (their 1st birthdays are only 3 days apart!)

He and Peyton last Christmas!

He and Bella now (Kanye - 9lbs, Bella - 4.5 lbs)

He and Bella on the day we brought him home! (Kanye - 2.5 lbs, Bella - 8lbs... he and his energy have helped her lose a little weight!)

I hope everyone gets some puppy kisses today. They are the very, VERY best. Happy Birthday Kanye!


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