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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 Things

1. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer - I mentioned a while back wanting to learn to HAC my makeup. I always feel like I look like I'm wearing zero makeup in pictures and it was making me feel bad about myself! My go-to advice blog on the subject had an article recommending beginners start with this cheap highlighter while you're getting the hang of it and I'm kind of in love. I notice a HUGE difference. My nose looks straighter, my face has some dimension. It's a step in the right direction. Now to nail down the right bronzer technique so I don't look like I have dirty face.

2. My *fingers crossed* future "Christmas Tree Room" - the formal dining room in the house we're under contract on is one of those in the front of the house with two BIG windows, vaulted ceilings and open to the living area. Don't tell D, but it was a huge selling feature for me. I'm envisioning a pretty area rug, a simple white desk with just my MacBook Pro and a lamp, an overstuffed reading chair and ottoman and a spot for my yoga mat with a blank wall where I can practice inversions. I mean, obviously I'll surrender it to the Christmas tree during the holidays... but otherwise, it's spoken for.

Try to ignore their old couches and picture my girly haven, k?

3. Saving money - As a *fingers crossed* soon to be home owner, I'm also just a few days away from being flat broke. I realize it's just the anxiety of letting go of my nest egg I've been saving since I graduated college, but my money-saving mind has kicked in to overdrive. I mean, we're eating chili dogs for dinner tonight and tomorrow... left over chili dogs. When my parents offered up leftover burgers from my dad's birthday bbq last night, I gladly snatched them up as salad toppers for this week's lunches. I'm, like, one overpriced termite inspection away from dumpster diving.

Last night at my dad's birthday BBQ. Peyton's birthday party is Saturday so he was letting her try to blow out his candles as practice. Kanye just about ruined this beautiful moment. My mom caught him just in time.

4. That Lorde song "Royals". It has been just cemented in my brain for the last week. "And we'll never be ROOOOOOOOOOYALS. It don't run in our blood. That kinda lux just ain't for us. We crave a different kind of buzz."

Also, Lorde hair envyyyy

5. All black everything - Again. It's back. My desire to wear nothing but black. Summer brightens my spirits slightly but when the weather turns cool, and everyone else is geeking out about Pumpkin Spice, I'm enthusiastically shoving all my colorful clothes in a tote and stomping around in my motorcycle boots.


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