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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poor Me

So... I'm in over my head. Please bear with me as I indulge in a little B and moan session.

First of all, my hair is greasy today so I'm feeling especially uncertain of my ability to handle life.

I've been conducting a house-buying orchestra as of late. Between finding insurance, handling the financing, scheduling inspections and working with our Realtor, I've somehow misplaced my mind. It's lost.

We're in the middle of option on our house and found out that the roof is in ill repair and will need fixed in order to be eligible for home owner's insurance. So we are going to have to discuss this with the sellers because they, technically, are responsible for the repairs.

Kanye's birthday was yesterday and the poor little guy had the lamest birthday ever. The only thing special was that he got some ground beef for dinner because we were making tacos and I let him up on the bed with us that morning when I was saying goodbye to D.

I've been unceremoniously handed a new, HUGE project at work, not to mention my FOURTEEN other projects I'm managing (that's not an exaggeration) two of which aren't exactly small. This is a little, one sentence complaint but in actuality, it's what consumes 50% of my life.

We have a short list of things we need to get done around the house we're currently living in, not to mention... uhm... packing? Because we could be moving in... uhm... 19 days?

And if there was any question as to just how frazzled I've become, I had a contractor in my office this morning discussing a project and he proceeded to shut the door and express his concerns about the fact that I'm always "overly-energetic" and that I have a hard time focusing on one thing and my hands are shaky. At first I thought he was accusing me of substance abuse!!! He assured me that he just thought I may be overdoing it and that people around his office are talking about "when my flame is going to burn out". Sweet of him to worry... but kind of frightful that he noticed! I seriously doubt anyone at MY office is worried about me burning out. I'm here at 8:00 8:03am every morning and my butt's in the car by 5:05 every afternoon. Mama don't do overtime.

It should be noted that D has been a verifiable saint through this process. Flexible, positive, capable. I'd have quit and decided to just rent the house across the alley from my parents for the rest of my life if it weren't for him.

D and I have been running on empty for a little while now and are looking very forward to a weekend of recuperation. And by recuperation, I mean housework. Housework and football. Never too busy for football.

Thanks for reading me complain about all my blessings. I'll be back to being overly-enthusiastic about things unrelated to Real Estate in the near future. Pinky promise. Really, as soon as our option period is over (Sunday) and stuff is out of our hands, I'm sure my brain will take a big shift to decorating, holidays, and crock pot recipes like the rest of the blogosphere.



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