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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sup, Homie

Oh man. HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY, eh?! This week was a real beating. Like, mostly in a good way... but I'm so ready for some boo time with Ashley (and my actual boo, too, I guess. And also Casey) this weekend. Tailgating and football is just what the doctor ordered.

So... uhm... we're buying a house! I didn't want to blog about house hunting because I figured it'd take us forever and I didn't want it to be boring. Then I didn't blog about negotiating the contract with the seller because I'd jinx it. But now we're under contract so I figure that's enough commitment to blog about it. Now we're in our Option period so we're frantically setting up a bajillion inspections because we're new home buyers and are worried about EVERYTHING.

She's... a fixer upper. It has a great layout and it's huge... but... holy wall paper and popcorn ceilings.

But just look at that entry way with the vaulted front porch!

I'm chomping at the bit to get at that wallpaper. I feel like the before and after of this home are going to be sick. In a good way. Or as in I will get sick from the smell of vinegar while removing wallpaper. And after snagging it 9% below the original listing price (at $102/sqft), we're hoping inspections come back clean so we can bask in the glory of not getting robbed at gunpoint for a home in west Texas. Everyone cross your fingers and say your prayers for us please!!!

In other news:

Yoga last night was the bombdotcom. My beginner's series should actually be named "Old Man Yoga" which is a good thing. Little old men doing yoga in swim trunks is kind of the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I'm a Hufflepuff, according to Pottermore. I kinda figured I would be. I've always felt, in my heart, that I was a Hufflepuff. But that's not the news. The news is that DARYL IS A GRYFFINDOR! After I took the quiz he shyly said he wanted to take it and when he showed me the iPad with the Gryffindor Lion on it I freaked the hell out. "SCREEN SHOT SCREEN SHOT SCREEN SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I can't believe I'm dating a Gryffindor!!!" Very exciting stuff.

Yesterday, the cashier at Subway wasn't sure where those paper bags for cookies were and I said "I think she keeps them in the cabinet under the microwave". And I was right. I mean... being a regular at a restaurant in Seminole, TX isn't that impressive. But I've taken it to another level. It is NOT okay for me to know that. I think I actually blushed. I never blush. I was so mortified. Why didn't I just keep my mouth shut?? Gawd, Arica.

Also, one of my major projects at work got delayed til the end of next year due to budget cuts. I just about kissed my boss on the mouth when he told me. Thanks, Big Guy in the Sky, for watching out for me. This was precisely the kind of break I needed to reassure myself I will not actually keel over and die in the next couple months.

And lastly, THIS VIDEO. Whaaaaa? Choreographed ab workout to a Beyonce song?? That's happening. Just as soon as I find some free time... which I'm guessing will be... in a month after we close on the house? Yea. Sounds about right. But how rad are those kids??

Hope everyone's football team wins this weekend (which is scientifically impossible and an annoying thing to write), unless you went to Texas State. in which case I HOPE YOU LOSE A HORRIFIC, EMBARRASSING LOSS!!!! Sorry, Dad. But it's true. We're comin' after ya.


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