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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fridays are for Packing

It's the weeeeeeeeeeeeekend!!! The first weekend of fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la Fall! And while all of you are out traipsing through pumpkin patches and raking leaves, WE are going to be doomsday move day prepping!!! There's a garage door opener that needs installed, some painting to be done, some blinds that Kanye destroyed that need replaced and of course... PACKING! HOORAY!

I'm an un-hoarder through and through. I rarely have more than 10 emails in my inbox. I delete people on Facebook if they become irrelevant. I have a pretty strict 350 Pin rule. Total. I don't want thousands of pins that don't really inspire me. My DVR very rarely has 'my' shows on there for more than a day or two. I really don't even own THAT many clothes! I go through my closet multiple times a year. I'm even pretty insensitive when it comes to nostalgia. I don't buy souvenirs or keepsakes, and photos are really my favorite childhood heirloom. Having less has become kind of vogue, actually, I think. Like gluten-free and hot yoga, it's cool to own fewer processions? Well, I'm on board with this.

Now, do not read this as "I'm a neat, organized person." Au contraire mon frere. All of the possessions I do keep are in one big pile on the guest bed. (Kidding. There's also a pile in the office)

One time, Kellie of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning mentioned how much she LOVES purging closets. She, at one time, suffered from Bulemia and she made a connection between the two that was gross yet totally insightful. It made me realize the psychological connection I have to keeping things lean and mean. I've never suffered from an eating disorder, but I do get a high from throwing things away! I feel lighter and I just get a sense of relief from getting rid of "stuff". Is anyone feeling me here? Are you all thinking I'm a nutcase? Say it ain't so!

D and I differ on my manic purging. He likes to keep things. All kinds of things. Just in case. I, on the other hand, regret throwing things away on a regular basis. Daryl actually COMPLAINED about how often he has to take out the trash, which upsets me because I'd like to minimize the inflow in to the house and even the trash!

However, we do agree that we want our *fingers crossed* new house to have a minimalist vibe. Of course we want it to be cozy, by all means, but minimalist cozy. I'm all for a designed, decorated bookcases and mantles here or there... but other than that, I prefer surfaces to be completely clear. I'm just not a nick-nack girl.

So we're moving forward into this weekend with an 'A place for everything and everything in it's place and if it doesn't have a place, it goes!' mantra. And by 'goes', I'm sure I mean, it goes in a box that Daryl will cling to and insist it goes in to the attic... which is fine. That's "a place for everything". The attic is a place.

Also, it's Little Miss Peyton's FIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Shut the front door, I know. She was just born like 2 days ago! But the world's most perfect niece is indeed having her birthday party tomorrow and I'm just so proud of what a rockstar baby she has become. I'm crazy about this kiddo and can't wait to steal all her kisses from her tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Peytonium! Aunt Ricci loves you too much!

Look at that grumpy old man face!

OMG, peanut sized indeed! 

A total ham these days for an iPhone camera!

Training for Saturday! 

Happy weekend blog-loves! XO!


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