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Friday, May 9, 2014

Wedding Planning Part II

Yea... I'm not doing so good at blogging my wedding planning. In my defense, it's because I haven't done a ton of wedding planning worth blogging about?? I think when I'm in the throws of decorating, it'll make for better blogs (and pictures).

But for propriety sake, here's a little peek in to what we've got nailed down so far.

1. The dress!!! That was harder and then easier than I thought it would be. My first outing turned out pretty miserable, tears in the dressing room and everything. However, it turned out that I was just at the wrong store. After my first trip, I was sure I was going to be the bride that hated everything. I tried on dress after dress and my sister, mom and Ashley would oooo and ahhh but I just rolled my eyes. I hated all of them.

BUT THEN! I picked out another store and did a little research. I found out what designers they carried and scoped out the selection online before heading in. I had a list of style numbers I would be interested in trying on and just handed the list to the consultant. She pulled what they had in stock, about 5 of the dresses I had picked out, and I fell in love with all of them. Don't worry, I won't be the bride with the wardrobe changes. I narrowed it down. Luckily, I'm super decisive and picked which one I wanted, bought it, and since the sample they had fit me like a glove, took it home with me. Boom. Done. Dress.

So yea, my recommendation would be to look up the designers the store carries online and come in with an idea. Also, I forced myself to try on silhouettes I didn't think I'd like on my body type... and I didn't like them. So, I mean, that's still probably good advice but if you already know what you want and you try it on and it looks totally fly, don't second guess it. You're a grown up who knows what she likes. Embrace it.

2. I found a photographer that isn't going to just rob us blind! She's PERFECT, too. I insisted on going to coffee with her before hiring her and she came in SO prepared. She bought my coffee (nice touch), she had a ton of samples to show me, answered ALL my questions, and laughed at my jokes! What more could a girl want?! No really, we clicked and I was so thankful. I think I'll have a lot of fun with Megan on the big day!

This is the list I found on Pinterest of questions to ask your photographer. 
I printed it and carried it in with me like a total dork but no regrets. It was really helpful.

3. We picked a DJ! And get this... he's the cleaning guy at my office! No. I'm not kidding. He has a couple jobs and one of them is DJ! He does our company picnics and events around Seminole and he did a party we went to the other night. I told D to scope him out and D took it very seriously. He liked the way he transitioned between songs (I would have never noticed), he liked that he rolled with the punches (one of those being that D requested the end of the party turn in to karaoke night) and he had a great selection! His set up is legit... so yea! Serious budget saver there! Also, he's really just the nicest guy.

4. We picked out Save the Dates! I know, we're getting ahead of ourselves a little here. But, hey, anything to get a check mark on my to do list, I'm game. What actually happened was that HE really liked them. He hasn't really had an opinion about much yet, so when he was psyched about these engraved wood Save the Dates, I was sold. They met my two requirements: they had the date on them and they weren't very expensive. Done. And. Done. Well... we've requested some font changes (a few too many hearts for us, personally) and need to approve the proofs... but otherwise, totally Done and Done.

Oh, and we don't have to stress about getting our engagement pictures done to include on the Save the Date, which is an added bonus. We have been meaning to get those done but finding a time that the photographer is free, my highlights aren't totally grown out and we don't have something we'd rather be doing... practically impossible. But we'll buckle down and get it done soon. Maybe.

Etsy, if you're curious.

That pretty much covers our progress as of yet. Our top priorities coming up are:

1. Sampling whiskey cocktails in an effort to pick a signature drink for that night (it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!) So far, our favorite is really just whiskey and soda water with a bunch of fresh lemon juice. But don't worry, we realize that's a pretty lame signature drink. We'll keep at it.

2. Making up a hashtag for the festivities!!! I delegated this to D; he's pretty clever. It'll probably be some engineering joke. :)

3. And, oh yea, we should probably finish asking our bridal party to participate. I just have one more little lady to ask but D still has to ask ALL of his guys! We wanted to do as many face to face as possible but some plans have changed and its looking like we're just gonna have to suck it up and make some phone calls.

So there's my short and sweet update on wedding planning for ya! Afterward, I'll definitely share my master wedding spreadsheet, lessons learned, maybe even budget because, honestly, that's a big part of wedding planning!

Thanks for caring, bloggies! Love you!


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