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Friday, May 2, 2014

Candy Girl

I decided, like a FOOL, on Wednesday that I'm giving up sugar. Again. I've cut it before during my Whole30 and felt like I could take on the world... but then I had just one little Twix bar and I fell so hard off that wagon. SUGAR IN EVERYTHING! And then I gained like... 15 lbs.

Honest Abe, I eat 8-10 mini candy bars a day. Every day. Not on cheat days. EVERY. DAY. And I crave them. ESPECIALLY after I eat lunch. I sometimes am STILL CHEWING my last bite of lunch as I walk to the candy bowl for my post-lunch candy. I'm like a zombie and sugar is controlling my life. I am 100% addicted to sugar. It's my little demon.

Totally looks like a drug up close.

So I gave it up. I got stuff I want to be skinny for so out you go, sugar. I thought about quitting after my 5k tomorrow but I wasn't sure I'd have the same umph if I waited so I put my foot down and said NO MORE. This may be my biggest blunder right before my first running event, but worst case, I fail miserably at the 5k but I still haven't eaten sugar. That's something I can deal with.

It's hard and it's making me grumpy and tired and I have headaches and I can't concentrate. I absentmindedly carried a 10lb dumbbell back to the locker room with me yesterday after my workout. It's affecting my life so I feel like I need to explain to people "I'm sorry for saying that mean thing, I decided to give up sugar and I'm just really upset" but at the same time, I don't want people asking me a million questions about giving up sugar so I'm just going to let them think I'm PMSing or something. I am so over explaining why I eat the way I eat.

I really try not to talk about my diet. I was that girl for a while but I've mostly figured out a good enough way to eat and... well, I'm not on a diet anymore. I just know what foods I like to choose, what foods are only for special occasions and what foods make me feel miserable and I should avoid all together. It's not something I consciously think much about anymore. HOWEVER, this sugar thing is at the forefront of my mind and ALL I want to talk about so you're catching the brunt of it, bloggies.

I have read articles and can speak from experience, it really does take 21 days to form a habit. During my whole30, the last week was pretty easy, actually. So I followed a Pin-tip and did this in my office:

21 sticky flags along the inside of my cabinet as a countdown visual

I already ripped two off for Wednesday and Thursday. It felt really good. Not as good as eating a Subway chocolate chip cookie or anything... but pretty good.

I asked Daryl to hide the remaining Easter candy and/or take it to work and he offered to just throw it in the garbage which I think is a great solution. I hate when people pawn their junk food off on me. So in the garbage it went.

I've been drinking water like it's my job, which seems to help some. Also distractions. Big ups to my coworkers for keeping me busy and/or stopping by to chat. Staying busy is such lame advice for someone trying to quit something but it really does help me. But I have to be real busy, not fake busy (Pinteresting, watching TV, reading a book). Those things just make me want to eat MORE.

This has helped a lot... even if my heart rate isn't high, at least I'm not tempted to snack.

And as if it were meant to be, the candy bowl in the front lobby disappeared because they're repainting the lobby! I'm not sure where it is but I've vowed not to look for it. Hoping the painting takes like... 20 or so days to help me avoid the temptation.

My sis is helping out by sugar detoxing with me... but who else wants in?! C'mooooon... you know you want to! (has that ever worked in the history of ever?)


  1. I'm cutting it out completely too :( At least for the next few weeks!



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