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Thursday, May 8, 2014


How is it already May, ya'll? I think it's science that while you are engaged, time moves at warp speed. I'm loving it though because we have so much coming up this fall/winter that the anticipation is killing me! Here's what I've been up to for the last month, though.

Watching: NBA Playoffs, obviously. It's unhealthy. D had to give me a walkie talkie last night because I didn't want to stand in the garage and hand him things while he was working in the attic on the AC because the Thunder game was on.

Reading: Game of Thrones - Dance with Dragons (the last published book) and I'm about half way done.

Planning: My girls weekend with Mel in Chicago!!! We're both tres bummed that the weather is going to be dreary and lame but that just means more indoor activities (my favorite). We're planning on delicious brunches (with AMERICAN BACON, per Mel's request. Apparently bacon in Belgium isn't the same), shopping, hitting up some cool jazz clubs, and just soaking up some quality time being tourists! It's been almost 9 months since I've seen her? If I did that math right. So yea, next weekend is just what the doctor ordered.

Mad About: The Met Gala fashion. *rolls eyes* What a let down. The best dressed girls could have worn the exact dresses to the Oscars (looking at you, Blake Lively) and all the risk-takers missed the mark like woah (Lupita Nyong'o... uhm... huh?). Let's hope music festival season gives us more to talk about.


Easy, killer.

Happy About: OMG, did you catch Kevin Durant's MVP acceptance speech?! (I know, I forget my audience isn't nearly as basketball crazed as me). So pleased with the selection this year.

Craving: Rosa's bean and cheese burritos. Like 5 of them, covered in queso, all in one sitting. Daryl has all of a sudden sworn them off in our household; I think he attributes my Rosa's obsession with the weight I gained last year but he's too kind to say it. No, I get it. I don't blame him. But I really really really really really want one five. I'm glad I have him around to Slap Chef me. (<<No seriously, click that link, it's so funny)

Creating: A spring/summer wardrobe! I think this is the year I'm branching in to the classy crop top scene. Watch out, world.

Celebrating: Doubling my leg press weight, decreasing the assist setting by THREE notches on the pull-up assist machine, and just overall getting a ton stronger at the gym!

I won't lie. I'm super frustrated with what the scale is showing me these days; I feel like I'm busting my butt (literally, my butt is so sore) but no movement on the scale. I get it, muscle is heavier than fat... but c'mon! I may have to retire that jerk of a scale for a little while.

Oh, and I completed my first 5k! I can't really chalk it up to a huge accomplishment; I walked a ton. But now I'm ready for my next one - I can only get better!


  1. I'm loving the crop top come back!!! With the high waist skirt of course. much classier ;) I liked Blake's cape dress? But the other one IS awful. You look smoking hot in your gym photo, so throw that scale against the wall. Looove you!!! One week till snuggle time commences!!!!

  2. You can totally pull off he cop top look! I tried it....I look ridiculous! I agree with Mel you look fabulous in that gym picture!!



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