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Friday, April 4, 2014

What's in my Purse?

Happy Friday lovers! We did it! Tomorrow brings lots of excitement for me... I'm trying on WEDDING DRESSES! I've told myself I'm just going to shop and not purchase tomorrow, taking some of the pressure off. I've been hydrating all day, passed on the free wine at Thursday Thursday at the ballpark last night & did my FULL cardio workout today. I'm serious about this.

A while back I mentioned on Instagram that I keep a sports bra in my purse. Because you never know. Everyone has that thing they carry 'because you never know', right? And my friends teased me. And I was like, what?! That's not the strangest thing I've ever carried in my purse. It's probably the strangest thing in my purse these days but maybe not. You be the judge:

I also carry my full makeup bag with me in my purse most all the time... but 'What's In Your Makeup Bag?' sounded like a whole other post :)

Dasani water bottle
Tiny hairbrush
Sunnies (from Target)
My Cynthia Rowley wallet that I never use anymore
My gold business card case (empty, need to refill)
My leopard compact 'confidence mirror' - you know, for right after you blow your nose or eat something with poppy seeds... just to check things out.
Bath and Body Works Mentha Shimmer Tint... you know the stuff. The same stuff we used to wear in high school. It's still just as good, just as tingly... and just as sticky.
Pop Beauty Aqua Lacquer (the very bright pink one) in Flowering Fushia that I got in my Birchbox. Approximately 1/10 as sticky as the B&BW stuff and not as fluorescent as it looks. My current fave.
Bath and Body Works Night Balm - it's just Carmex as far as I can tell.
My wedding planning notebook my sissy got me :)
My mini file folder for budgeting cash out all Dave Ramsey style... which I haven't used in a while.
My mini sewing kit (that glaring white square)
EOS chapstick that's alllllllllmost too empty to use.
iPhone earbuds
Seacrets nail file
My phone wallet with my Lexus key attached
Uber Larabar in Coconut Macaroon (which I promptly ate after photographing)
Generic Benedryl
My inhaler
Hand sani
A pair of clip on, blinged out Kate Spade earrings
A sharpie and the black pen my sis gave me with the wedding notebook
A plastic spoon - which I had to throw away after laying on my office carpet like that :(
A ton of old receipts, candy wrappers, a Rockhounds baseball ticket, multiple errant sticky notes, lady products, a Christmas ornament I got at the company Christmas party and my garage door opener (not pictured)

When I first got my beloved Louis Vuitton bag, I SWORE I wouldn't carry pens, liquids, food or anything sharp. DEFINITELY not Sharpies. That did not last. Quick review of my Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM - it's everything. Holding up great, the patima is taking a while to come in (which is good with me, the longer it can look brand new, the better!) and I LOVE how wide it opens. I mean, look at that first picture. This baby GAPES open, making it the easiest bag I've ever carried to find my dang keys in. Very pleased! :)

Alright girls, spill! (literally, har har) What's in your purse these days? And what's your one strange thing that you just would rather not leave the house without (a full size flat iron?)?

Have a glorious weekend!


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