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Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend High/Lows

Friday Low - Hmmm... what did we do Friday night? I think I can give my Friday Low to D. He had the worst week ever at work, so Friday night we just ordered McAlister's, watched TV and chilled.

Friday High - D put together the munchkins' new crate mansion! We hate having their beat up travel crates in our bedroom, so I ordered them a nice, wooden crate they are going to start sharing at bedtime.

They loved it and I'm not even just saying that. They love their little crates and I think they thought they hit the puppy jackpot with this giant one. Although Kanye did get in and look at me like, "Can we go to Nonna's?" It may take him a while to understand the difference been permanent bedroom furniture and travel crate.

Saturday Low - Wedding dress shopping. Which is so depressing, right? I was having anxiety that I'd love every dress I tried on and never be able to make a decision but after 5 dresses, I asked my mom, sister and Ashley "Am I going to be THAT bride?! That hates everything she tries on?!?" I liked tops of dresses and bottoms of others, but none were just right and I think I tried on close to ten. I'm thinking maybe we weren't in the right store; there wasn't a ton of variety. Also, I'm sample size on the top, but not so sample size on the bottom. So I couldn't zip the dresses over my Hugh Jass and then the consultants kept saying "there are bra inserts in the dressing room if you want to put some in your bra to fill the top out" and I had to keep repeating "I already have some in!" Definitely a little depressing! I did get a little excited about a couple dresses... but mostly just because they fit! We'll have to give it another go in Lubbock later this month.

Saturday High - Post dress shopping kitchen painting with Ashley. I'm not going to see her for over a month due to our training schedules so it was SO nice to throw on some yoga pants, drink wine, paint, and catch up. Also, hibachi for dinner wasn't too shabby either!

Sunday Low - OMG you guys. I was channeling my inner Melissa or something on Sunday night and decided to spray paint the old brass fireplace cover while D was at a pick up basketball game. 

Kind of blurry but you can see the shiny monster over there behind Shay Shay and Peyt.

I knew Daryl wouldn't be happy about me using spray paint in the house so after he left, I got out some craft paper and tape and taped off the hearth. 

It took SO long just to get it taped off, but I thought it was my insurance policy to prove to Daryl it was no big deal. After one coat, I let it dry and walked back over to the fire place... at which time my feet stuck to the tile floor. I didn't realize how big the plume of paint would be! I had gotten it all over the floor, the parts of the hearth I hadn't taped off, and the back of our (old) leather sofa! I went in to full panic mode! I ran off to grab cloths to wipe everything down but on my way back, I saw I had tracked brown footprints everywhere I'd gone! I had to go scrub my feet in the bathtub, which is now pretty brown but I'm hoping I can clean with bleach. 

Muuuuch better than the shiny brass it was before
(and I removed the paper from the glass after I took this picture)

Luckily/Unluckily, D started feeling terribly sick while he was at basketball (we think he has the same stomach bug I was battling a couple weeks ago) so when he got home, he could not have cared any less that I'd gotten paint on the tile. Phew. Turned out to be a win, but it was a very dramatic evening.

Sunday High - We finally tore down the hideous old trellis in the backyard! 

You can see it out there, through the windows of this before kitchen picture (wow, has it come a long way). I don't have a better before because we purposely never photographed it because it was fugly (pardon my french). We have a covered porch but the previous owners had added a pergola of sorts... with a trellis wall on one side. I mentioned to D that I should have taken a better before, but we were too excited to start ripping stuff down. 

This wall right here was covered in decaying trellis before we got our hands on it. It was barely tack nailed to the roof so it came off pretty easily. 

Ahhhhh much better! We're now eyeing those crummy old pillars that are in desperate need of an upgrade. Daryl may be converting me to loving outdoor DIY as much as I love indoor ones! Also, you wouldn't know it from those blue skies, but approximately an hour after, a little rain cloud rolled in. 

I didn't think it was enough to cause any real mud... but if there is mud, these fur monsters will find it... and track it in, across the leather couch and my jeans. 

I hope your weekend was as productive but slightly less messy than mine! 


  1. Your house is coming together so nicely!!! Super impressed!!!



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