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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 Things

Oh man, I haven't done a 5 things post in a while! This is where I write about 5 things I'm completely and utterly OBSESSED with at this moment in time. My obsessions are generally revolving, so I always have new material.

1. DDF Wrinkle Resist plus Pore Minimizing Serum - okay so it's SO expensive. And if you have good skin, maybe skip this recommendation. But as someone who has struggled with her skin since 5th grade, this stuff has changed my life (dramatic much?) I got a little .5 oz sample in my Birchbox and 3 weeks later, I'm still using it and have plenty left. It goes a LONG way. And seriously, I feel like I don't even need foundation anymore. My under eye bags, way smaller (dare I say, gone?). My pores, teensy. My skin tone is finally evening out. I swear it's even helping out with my acne scars. And my skin is SO soft. Be still, my heart. You can get the .5 oz sample for $10 (I know, EXPENSIVE) at Ulta if you want to give it a go for a month. Askderm.com has a 20% off deal on it if you do want to pull the trigger on the full size bottle with coupon code ASKDERM20. I hate recommending something that's such a budget buster but I just can't keep this one to myself.

2. The Preppy Paleo's Roasted Garlic Brussel Sprouts - Holy (gluten free) macaroni, so so so good. I didn't even know if I liked Brussel sprouts but assumed I would since I can't think of a veggie I don't like (except mushrooms... are those veggies?) D doesn't like Brussel sprouts (is it proper to capitalize that? I do in honor of Mel and Andy) but admitted these were the best he'd ever had... although he still doesn't like them. Hey, pretty rave review coming from him.

3. My new Ficus plant - I've been wanting a Fiddle Leaf Fig since... well... since everyone on the blogosphere got one and I felt way left out, out here in the desert where they don't sell them. This $9.99 ficus D found way in the back of a bunch of palms will fit the bill, I think! So leafy and statement-y. Oh, and I painted the grout in the living room! It makes a world of difference, but now I have to keep going. So. Much. Tile.

Getting it home was an adventure. D said "I guess I can't turn left with that thing in the passenger seat" to which I told him I guess he's not an ambi-turner and the Zoolander quoting commenced.

4. Iced coffee!!! Tis the season! I picked up my first one last week when the weather forecast our first 90deg day and forgot how happy they make me (and how much condensation they produce! C'mon Sbux, you haven't figured out a solution for that yet?) I was getting tired of plain black coffee and had started eyeing the lattes. I needed a change and this should tide me over for a while.

5. Dumbbell Plie Squats - oooo mama. They burn in all the right places AND they don't require a barbell! I much prefer finding ways to lift that don't require a barbell on my shoulders (I do my Jamie Eason barbell lunges with dumbbells, shhhhhh, don't tell her!). The ergonomics of it just don't feel right, ever, and I've had Gerald check my form. Not the point. These squats are great and really, really hard (for me, anyway). I hold a 30 lb dumbbell and struggled to get 3 sets of 10 with good form. Lemme know what your stats are if you try them!

What are your latest obsessions, folks?


  1. I've got to try those sprouts! They look yummy :)



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