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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love It or Leave It


*obligatory comment about how fast 2013 went by*

Tomorrow will be a whole new year. Tomorrow you and I will be have a chance to make 2014 the best year EVER. I have lots of goals and plans and hopes and dreams for 2014. Don't get me wrong, 2013 totally rocked. D and I bought a house! We traveled to Belize and Honduras. I attended my first Yoga festival and we raised a hilarious little pup that has warmed our hearts this year. 2013 did us right. I just know 2014 has new adventures in store and I'm chompin' at the bit!

I pulled together a Pinterest-y list of trends I'd love to see follow us to 2014 and another list of things I hope the bouncers at the door of 2014 don't let through. Here's what I hope fills my 2014 (along with family, friends, peace, health and all that shtuff).

Love it for 2014

Fringe! Especially in boots and purses.
Loafers and other preppy, pretty accessories for grown ups.
Monograms - I'm so vain, I love seeing my own initials everywhere
White minimalism, which sounds racist, kind of, but I mean just simple, classic white... in home decor, clothing, art, ect
Outdoor entertaining spaces - This may be me pining for warm weather but I cannot get enough of pretty outdoor gatherings!
J-Law's humor and everything she stands for. Intelligence and wit, kindness and bravery. We need more of her!
Curated vintage - this will never go out of style, right? I'm very much looking forward to beginning my own carefully selected collection of favorite things to warm up my home.
Eyebrows on babies

Leave it in 2013

Chevron fabrics - I'm cool with it in other applications, I'm just over it in fabric/clothes
Wordy wall decals
Mason Jars (even though I totally JUST bought some, they should be delivered today, because bloggers say they're the best way to store juice). For function, yes. As a trend to be incorporated into every holiday and gathering? No.
Wallpaper - The bane of my new homeowner existence at the moment.
High-waisted jean shorts - for one, I don't have the legs for them. For two, I just don't think they're the prettiest trend to hit our adorable 16 year old super models!
Mustache props
Haterz - People probably expect me to put Miley or Justin or Kimye as the antithesis of Jennifer Lawrence but you're wrong! I have nothing but love for celebrities and I don't wish for them to become less famous. I wish success on them. I wish for them to mature and for America to accept them so that they CAN mature. So that they are not pigeon-holed in to what the tabloids display them as. Haters & bullies & tabloids are so 2013.

I hope to see fun 2014 vision boards popping up on Pinterest and blogs full of vibrancy, inspiration and fun. Let's do this, 2014!



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