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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Illegitimate Child

Hi, my name is Kanye and there is nothing wrong with my ears.

 I think we have everything we need for Kanyeezie. See photo below of my completely not over-the-top pet nesting! I'm really proud of myself for not Paris Hilton-ing out and buying everything I saw for the little man.  We're picking him up Sunday while we're in Dallas for the Texas Tech v Baylor game. We're taking D's mom which means I have to sit and watch Tech probably suck butt and lose to Baylor whilst sober! like stone sober. asdfl;kjsdjfsa ugh. But then I get a puppy! Hooray!

A few of my faves are the Bil & Jac High Protein Puppy Food (#paleopuppy);  peepads (please oh please don't need these, Kdawg); his dropout teddy bear sweater; his super super reflective collar that his gingerbread toy is wearing; and my heat pack! (That thing on the bottom left)

Now. The heat pack I made. I can't decide if I just felt like being crafty and that spawned this unnecessary worry about Kanye missing his litter or if my gen-u-ine mama bear concern for him spawned my crafty spirit. Does it matter? I made him one. I filled it with brown rice and sleepy-time tea leaves and sewed it up. Microwave for 1 minute and it's the perfect little warm, squishy companion for him.

HOWEVER, my aunt made a comment about it smelling good and him chewing it and then EATING THE RICE and I got this horrifying image of him eating a bunch of uncooked rice, it swelling in his stomach and him exploding like a pigeon. So I sewed each seam like 4 times but I may be too chicken to leave it in his crate.

D has literally been working until dark (which is at 6:30pm so... i mean... not THAT late) every night getting the yard ready for Kanye. Like, manual labor, hoeing weeds and hauling pavers and whatnot AFTER working 8 hours so that there aren't any stickers for his little paws and there's nowhere for him to escape under the fence. Not even complaining about it, either. He rocks so much I can't get over it.

My hardworkin' Huck Finn 


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