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Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Friday

I don't know why she doesn't start her own blog. She's got some really good material.

More center part experimenting. I like it better with the wavy hair.

 My sister's aggressive texts claiming Emma Stone as her own. I think they feel aggressive bc of the exclamation marks.
Sometimes her name comes up as Jenna Barnett and sometimes as Jenna McGovern #enigma
Also, please notice that it is 11:34AM and my phone is on it's death bed. WTH? Errday I deal with this.

My self pic above was from this same day. Seriously. I was wearing red skinnies, a black sweater and black boots. 
Later that day another dude of the Mexican persuasion came by my office to let me know I looked just like his daughter with my hair like that. Huh?

Kanye barfed in D's lap in the car. After verifying he wasn't mad enough to, like, throw K out the moving vehicle, I laughed hysterically all the way to Burger King while he cleaned it up with a shammy from my console. He tried to shake the shammy out the window and the chunks blew back in on him. Eventually, my gasping, snorting laughter became contagious, thankfully. Look how pafetic he looks! Poor baby.

 He's official. Sent the AKC paperwork in yesterday. I wonder if Kanye West would RT this if I twitpic'd it?

I got a child off our angel tree at work and she asked for a bike, clothes and a doll. So, I scouted my little cousin for what the cool dolls are for 7yo's and she informed me, these American Girl knock offs from Target are all the rage. 
How-ev-errrrr, they're supposed to look like you! That's the whole point. So I just got the most racially generic doll they had and I'm praying she's a brunette with medium skin... I mean... the odds are ever in my favor.

Peeps with her little American Girl doll. Adorable little twinsies.
When I originally thought, "Oh, I'll ask Piper what kind of doll to get" I seriously scrolled through my phone looking for her number. Like "What the? Who erased P-pie's number out of here?!?" 
Oh wait. Most wee little children do not have phones. I remember.

I don't think he was expecting this to make it on the internet. The only one of my coworkers to try on the cat helmet. 
PS, this guy is like, a super tough guy. Used to be a Navy Seal, competes in triathlons, whole nine yards. 
So, while this is kind of expected humor since you don't know him, it's makes me pee a little when I see it.

 For some reason this cracked my ish up! My sister sent me this pic saying she needed those little fake socks you wear at the top of your boots. I just sat with my head down on my desk and laughed in to my phone. 
She looks ridiculous.

 This. Cabinet. The tape is like fused to the doors, there are no shelves in it so it looks like a gun safe but I kicked and screamed for more storage and because I'm a total wimp, I feel like a tool asking the maintenance crew to come take it back to where ever it came from. 
So it just sits there. Annoying me.

Blue screen of deaaaaaaaaaaaath on my work computer. 
I was like, don't say it if you don't mean it, computer. I hope you do die. I hate you. 
But it didn't die. So, I still hold the record for the oldest, most out of date computer in the entire office.
Not even being dramatic, I'd put $1000 on the fact that I have the oldest computer in the COMPANY. #computerdinosaur

This was taken when my sissy and I went shopping for Thanksgiving groceries. That's a basket with the little produce section in the front FULL OF MICKEY'S MALT LIQUOR! Nothing else in the basket, dude driving the basket scoping out the bacon. Someone knows how to throw a party. #AnEdward40HandsThankgsiving


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