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Monday, November 26, 2012

I have a dream - Thanksgiving remix

Thursday I dreamed that a man kidnapped me, cut my wrists and ankles and then bandaged them loosely to make it look like a suicide attempt and left me in a dirty hotel room to die.

I'll blame it on the tryptophan and traumatic experience of hosting my first Thanksgiving, but starting Thursday night, I had just CRAY dreams all weekend. I've always had sickandtwisted dreams but these were doozies.

Now, he cut my wrists down the river, not across the bridge like he knew what he was doing but then cut my ankles... which is a silly place to cut someone. I cut myself there all the time shaving my legs. And in my dream, I remember thinking, like, "amateur move, which seems odd because he's using proper technique on my wrists..." Then I remember in my dream feeling like I was slipping under anesthesia when I was bleeding out, which was really, really scary.

All very gruesome details to get to the most IMPORTANT PART OF MY DREAM: My mom and dad somehow FOUND me in said dirty hotel room and, of course, I was like, "Y'all need to leave, he could come back and get you, too!" because I'm a loving daughter. What do they do? THEY LEAVE, ya'll! And they do not take me with them! In a genuinely remorseful tone, they say "Yea... she's a goner. Let's get out of here" and roll out.

So, funny story, I don't die! Probably because I have a renewed purpose to live... to yell at them and make them feel guilty for the rest of their lives! So, I get out of the hotel room and I'm painfully running through crowds of tourists in Paris under the Eiffel Tower and I know he's chasing me but I can't see him and this rush of activity and panic jolts me from my dream. Unfortunately, I do not wake all the way and D had to calm a thrashing and hyperventilating girlfriend. He came out unharmed, thankfully.

The NEXT night I had a dream that this same murderer guy hosted a dinner party and I was like, "meh, he's probably a changed man. I love a good dinner party, I think I'll go" and then it turns out he's a vampire. So I escape with some old high school soccer pals and we decide to go to the Black Keys concert downtown... where, again, in a crowd, I know he's there chasing me but I can't see him... to the soundtrack of the BK's Brothers album.

And then, last night I had a dream I was morbidly obese but that's probably because I decided to lay around in boxer shorts and a tank top watching Homeland right before bed and the full glory of what my thighs have become is burned in to my memory. Back to the ArcTrainer today.

Here are some happy pictures from my weekend to make this a more upbeat post.

Also, for propriety sake in this Thanksgiving post, I'm especially thankful this year for Midland. I live across the alley from my traitorous parents (I haven't forgiven them for their dream-crime but I still love them), I get to kiss my perfect little niece's baby toes when I feel like it and I'm finally in the same place as my rock-awesome boyfriend. Midland, contrary to popular belief, is totes the bee's knees.

My puppy got to come home with me this weekend! More to come on him later.

Our masks at the Tech v Baylor game (that we lost in overtime! wahhh!)

I made this pretty pot of cranberries in to legit, homemade cranberry sauce! 
I was so proud of it, my swollen head about burst.

I'm considering the center part. I have a long oval face so I usually avoid this but I'm going to have a long, oval face no matter how I part my hair so I may attempt to rock it this winter... opinions? #fiveheadphobia

I want to be able to do those monogram thingies that are all the rage so I've been practicing while on the phone with water reps at work. Not bad for doodling while talking technical aspects of desalination plants, right? 
Also, I'm obsessed with my boyfriend. Sorry I'm not sorry.


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