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Thursday, March 20, 2014


1. Never realize how boring you are until someone asks you what you do in your spare time? I really liked this article on pinning down passions you don't even know you have yet!

2. THIS BOOTY WORKOUT - yowza, and only took ten minutes! 

3. Sarah M. Dorsey's home tour - She's my style soul mate. I'm smitten with every little detail.

5. Slipped this recipe for Paleo blondies in to the dinner recipe list I gave my aunt. Hey, a girl can dream.

6. The Trouble with Bright Girls - A favorite Huffington Post article from 2011.

7. Showin' the Bloglove - my boo thang Mel's shamelessly real and fun blog!


  1. Blog love!!! I still can't do the whole booty workout :(



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