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Monday, March 17, 2014

Hip to be Square

Well, I spent most of my day with a space heater pointed at my crotch. #BlogGold

So my right hip is revolting. I have no idea if heat is good or bad for a pulled muscle (or if what's ailing me is even a pulled muscle) but it sure does feel great (the heat, not the sore muscle).

I can't figure out what it is. Any time I do cardio longer than 10 minutes or so, my right hip flexor starts aching. And if I keep going past 10 minutes, it starts hurting and it spreads to where my entire hip aches, for hours after my workout. It doesn't hurt to touch it, nor stretch it, nor do a deep lunge holding heavy weights. It only starts to hurt after doing a repetitive motion for too long. Any ideas, people? I'm imagining like a jagged piece of bone rubbing against my muscle... is that a thing? And it's the outside of my hip and definitely my hip flexor, not my groin.  I'm very lucky to have a physical therapist at my disposal since I work out at the hospital on my lunch break, but even HE can't figure out what's wrong with me. He did recommend I get new shoes, which I thought was a very excellent diagnosis. Always like to get a doctors note to go shopping!

Anyway, so today I got up early for the first time to fit in some cardio. I typically do cardio after my weight lifting session on my lunch break but since I started Jamie Eason's Live Fit program, weight lifting takes a lot longer and monopolizes my lunch hour. I figured I could manage 20 or so minutes of cardio first thing in the morning but right at the 10 minute mark, my hip started getting really pissed off and like a dummy, I pushed through to my 20 minute goal. I hobbled around work all morning but figured after I got back in the gym at lunch, I'd work the soreness out. Wrong-o. Mucho mucho worse.

And then do you know what I came to find out reading the dang Jamie Eason program in more detail?? I wasn't even supposed to be DOING cardio during the first four weeks (I know, sounds too good to be true, huh?) Yup, I'm not supposed to do any cardio. Ma'am yes ma'am!

So, while the hip thing isn't so great, I did get professional advice to quick doing cardio and go shopping. All in all, not a bad Monday.

And because I hate posts without pictures, here's a cute picture of my dogs and a terrifying picture of myself trying out some mask that came in my Birchbox. I'd link it but I woke up with a zit so I'm not even going to bother. It's purely for entertainment purposes.


  1. OMG that last pic looks like you were in a fire and your skin healed that way! Poor hippy hip though :(:(:(



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