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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Watching: World Cup soccer in the corner of my computer screen at work. I feel simultaneously guilty and VERY American when I do it. I don't know what I'll watch between soccer and football season. Baseball?! *scoff*

Reading: The Kite Runner - so far it's a REAL downer. I also read Wild by Cheryl Strayed (wouldn't recommend it) and A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby which was pretty decent but nothing to write home about. I'm not having the best book luck lately. Any recommendations?

Planning: *shame face* Christmas gifts. I mean, 4th of July has passed. What else is a girl supposed to do but create a secret Pinterest board of great gift ideas for the holidays?! It allows me to see Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby and not feel panic.

Mad About: Forgetting about this brilliant pin over the weekend. Kim made ranch dip and we had ruffles and it was the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY and everyone would have been like, "omg, you're SO CLEVER ARICA"! Curses!!!!

Happy About: The new piece of art I bought. I saw it and instantly fell in love; it reminded me of my dad so much. I bought one for each of us. It's Minted by West Elm and I have NO idea where I'll hang it, but I know I'll just love seeing it in my home! And, bonus, Daryl liked it too! We don't always share the same taste in art but this one makes us both happy.

Craving: My peach wine creation from this weekend! I put that peach sparkling water from HEB I used to drink as a kid in my wine while we were laying out this weekend and YUUUUUUM! I could go for a glass on my lunch break, ya know?

Creating: Our living room entertainment center situation. I get it from my mama. I keep asking Daryl, "oh, don't you like our entertainment center?! I think it looks really really good. The size is perfect and just blah blah blah" and he's like "...it's tape on a wall..."

But holy Ikea shipping costs! Ouch-ee-wa-wa! Significantly higher than the product you're actually purchasing. So Daryl has offered to be my Ikea delivery man this weekend. He offered to make a trip up to Dallas to haul home an entertainment center for the living room (and also hang out with the guys). I love that man to death but the idea of an unsupervised weekend sounds kind of fun! I'm going to get wild or paint the guest bathroom a nice shade of taupe. One of the two.

Celebrating: Being an American! Our 4th of July was really, really lovely. We had friends in town for the weekend and we did a whole lot of floating in our above ground pool, chatting and eating. We went to a play downtown on the 4th and as we walked out of the building, we looked straight up on the firework show! It was SUCH perfect timing. One of the guys ran off and got a funnel cake from a street vendor and we all sat on the curb taking bites off of it and watching the show. Seriously, one of my favorite adult 4th of July's ever.


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