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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby got back... problems

I have direct orders from my chiropractor to not work out. :D I seriously LOVE doctor's notes. I guess I kinda beat myself up if I don't work out daily, so OMG the glory of the doctor's note, instructing you to take the weekend off, *angels singing*

I have had intermittent back pain for about 7 months now. It got pretty bad a couple weeks ago so I finally decided to go to the chiropractor. I went in for my first treatment and this dude was totally out of breath by the end of my appointment and not one. single. pop. My back is so tense, it's crazy. He said "your back muscles are as hard as rocks!" and I was like, "It's because I'm VERY VERY strong and can almost do a pull up". He shot some Xrays to see what he could see... so here! Ignore the underwire of my bra.

He asked me if I could see anything wrong with this picture of my back and I said "Not at all! It looks so great! I have a really great spine, don't you think?!" (#delusional) Apparently not. That last vertebra and my tail bone aren't supposed to look like that. 

Anyway, this one was my favorite! Doesn't it look like my right hip bone (the one on the right in this pictures) is much bigger than my left one?! It really is, he measured them and the one on the left is 107mm and the one on the right was 122mm. I could even point that out to him. Well, it turns out, I'm twisted! haha I mean, we've always known that, right? Little cousins I've tortured their entire lives? This isn't news, is it? :)

But really, he's saying it could very well be due to a childhood of soccer or possibly something that happened from a major fall (hello horrible terrible skiing experience). With that little nugget of info, I've been instructed to not work out at all for the entire holiday weekend. My next appointment is Tuesday and he's hoping a weekend of rest will allow my muscles to relax a little and he'll be able to make some progress. What timing, right?!

We have company coming in Thursday evening and I intend to do a lot of pool floating, marshmallow toasting and wine drinking! I mean, WHAT a sacrifice! :D Bonus: The wine will double as a muscle relaxer!

Hope you have a great 4th of July and turn your lemons in to lemonade!



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